Happy Release Day, Elysian Fields!

And….it’s out! Thanks to everyone who preordered–you copies should arrive today (or have downloaded to your e-reader at midnight), and the brick and mortar stories should have them on the shelves. If you find any “in the wild” shots on your local bookstore or library shelves, be sure to send them my way and I’ll pin them to my Pinterest wall…which currently has nothing on it except book covers :-).

I’ve added a tab at the top of the page to archive links to the special flash-fiction/short stories that are running on some of the blog stops. I’ll always run the new links here on the daily post. Remember there are three types of prize stop: Tier 1 is a book giveaway (I believe they’re limiting to U.S.; this one’s being done by the publisher, so apologies to my international readers). Tier 2 is signed book/swag or choice of $10 gift card or Book Depo order (international welcome). Tier 3 means a tour stop with the official tour-wide prizes of iPad2 (or Kindle 8.9-in HD if preferred) or, for international winners, US$250 shopping spree at Book Depo.

Today’s stops:

* I’m at the Romance Magicians blog today, talking about how my life has and hasn’t changed in the last sixteen months since Royal Street released. This is a Tier 2 spot.

* I have an interview today at My Bookish Ways, a Tier 1 stop, talking about how DJ has changed since the first book. (As I write this at 6 a.m., it isn’t up but is supposed to be later today.)

*And there’s a guest spot today at Buffy’s Ramblings, where I ask each of the characters their favorite TV show–and thanks to Allison B and Jennifer K for that blog post idea! Tier 3.

*I’m at Tor.com in what I think has been my favorite interview ever, “Pop  Quiz at the End of the Universe.” Tier 2 for comments on this one, just for readers from this blog.

* I’m at Heroes and Heartbreakers, talking about the action-to-romance ratio in urban fantasy–what’s your perfect split? Tier 2 on this one, just for readers from this blog.

*My guest post doesn’t go up until tomorrow, but today you can enter for a giveaway of Elysian Fields (Tier 1) at Fantasy-Matters.

Thanks to these bloggers for the new reviews! Not everybody loves it, but that’s okay. I always appreciate that reviewers take the time to read 🙂

Rachel at Parajunkee (I love reviews from New Orleanians!). AND AND AND she has made some awesome buttons you can download: Team Jake, Team Alex, Team Jean Lafitte, and even Team Rand. (Now there’s a question….will anyone BE on Team Rand other than Rand?) I’ve pasted them in below, but if you go to the Parajunkee site you can grab the code.

Steph at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust. Note: This is a Tier 3 site so enter for the iPad2!

Jennifer at Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy. Note: This is a Tier 3 site, so enter for the iPad2!

Lydia at The Lost Entwife.

Anya at On Starships and Dragonwings.

Vilia at Backchatting Books.

Chelsea at Vampire Book Club.

Laura at Book Chick City

And thanks to my friend Heather Leonard, a darn fine writer herself, for the shout-out on her Magic City Writing blog yesterday!

Here are the Team buttons made by Rachel at Parajunkee.com:

Team Alex

Team Jean Lafitte

Team Jake

See you tomorrow….! 

23 thoughts on “Happy Release Day, Elysian Fields!

    • Thanks, Rebe–yes, we’ve been pushing this one because River Road kind of got lost coming out right before the holidays. Glad you’re seeing it around! And thanks for the review link!

  1. Happy Release Day!!! When I saw those graphics from Parajunkee yesterday I thought: Alex 999, Jean Lafitte 988, Jake 876, Rand 1. LOL. Enjoying all the blogs and comments on those sites. Lots of great stuff. Need a graphic for team DJ…

    • Thanks, Roger. LOL. Yes, I think you’re right. There have actually been a couple of people who liked Rand. I think Rand will never be boring 🙂 (and we do need a Team DJ button!).

  2. Wow! Just finished reading Elysian Fields-what a trip. I feel like I was on one of those roller coasters at Six Flags. Totally awesome! Now for the long wait for the next book. Congratulations! You have another winner!

  3. Congratulations on this new release!! Wish you lot of success

    all stops done and a banner with the jean lafitte from teh cover of jackson square would have more success^^

  4. Congrats for the release day of Elysian Fields, Suzanne. 🙂

    Umm, is it Legolas that I see at “Team Rand” button? LOL!

  5. OMG! I’ve been sooo busy lately that I didn’t even realize that your next book was out! Yay! I normally like a hard copy of your books but tight crunch so downloading it 🙂