New Releases August 31—September 6 and Readers Choice C*ntest

New Flash Fiction today! Actually, “Pirate Flicks” went up yesterday afternoon at She Wolf Reads, so if you haven’t run across it yet, head on over!

And just for fun, here’s the movie trailer for “The Buccaneers”–it’s long, but funny. Funny, “my” Jean Lafitte looks nothing like Yul Brynner, and that accent sounds awfully more Russian (which Brynner was) than French (which Brynner wasn’t). And, as Jean notes in the short story, he was never so short and squat!

There’s also a review up at Chapter Reads today and a spotlight at My Midnight Fantasies. Both of these spots have entries for the tour giveaways.

New releases do NOT take a holiday the first week of September, so here’s our big, new set of Reader’s Choice selections! There are a lot of hot-looking paranormal romances this week, but I’d have to go for the new John Barnes book in his post-apocalyptic Daybreak series. 

Now…what do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too. 
23 Years on Fire: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel (Cassandra Kresnov #4) , by Joel Shepherd, (September 3, Pyr)
Commander Cassandra Kresnov has her hands full. She must lead an assault against the Federation world of Pyeongwha, where a terrible sociological phenomenon has unleashed hell against the civilian population. Then she faces the threat from a portion of League space known as New Torah, in which a ruthless regime of surviving corporations are building new synthetic soldiers but taking the technology in alarming directions. On the Torahn world of Pantala, Sandy encounters betrayal, crisis, and conspiracy on a scale previously unimaginable. She also meets three young street kids who stir emotions in her she didn’t think she was capable of. What will be the cost if she is forced to choose between them and her mission, not only to her cause, but to her soul? 
Cain’s Blood: A Novel (Project Cain), by Geoffrey Girard, (September 3, Touchstone)
The DNA of the world’s most notorious serial killers has been cloned by the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a new breed of bioweapon. Now in Phase Three, the program includes dozens of young men who have no clue as to their evil heritage. Scientists raise some of the clones with loving families and others in abusive circumstances. Everything changes when the most dangerous boys are set free by their creator. Former black ops soldier Shawn Castillo is hot on their trail. But Castillo didn’t count on the quiet young man he finds hiding in an abandoned house, a boy who has just learned he is the clone of Jeffrey Dahmer. Castillo must protect the boy who is the embodiment of his biggest fears, and who may also be his last hope. 
Chimes at Midnight (October Daye #7), by Seanan McGuire, (September 3, DAW)
Things are starting to look up for October “Toby” Daye. She’s training her squire, doing her job, and has finally allowed herself to grow closer to the local King of Cats. It seems like her life may finally be settling down until dead changelings start appearing in the alleys of San Francisco. Toby’s efforts to take the problem to the Queen of the Mists are met with harsh reprisals. Toby must find a way to reverse the Queens decree and save her own life. There’s the question of the Queen herself, who seems increasingly unlikely to have a valid claim to the throne. October and her friends will have to travel from the legendary Library of Stars into the hidden depths of the Kingdom of the Mists. In faerie, some fates are worse than death. October Daye is about to find out what they are. 
Damek’s Redemption (Legacy #6), by N.J. Walters, (September 3, Samhain)
Myths and legends are more than just passing interests for Sonia Agostino. She holds degrees in folklore and anthropology, and she comes from a family of Keepers, humans charged with helping paranormal creatures survive in the modern world. Recently, her research has led her to Chicago’s Inhibitions nightclub. Its owner, known only as Damek, could be the one paranormal creature she has never seen. A vampire. Damek has good reason to refuse an audience with Sonia. She has unwittingly led vampire hunters far too close for comfort. When she stubbornly shows up at the nightclub a second time, he cannot refuse her. When Sonia discovers that her suspicions were true, she finds her loyalties unexpectedly tested. And her choice will forever change both their lives. 
Dark in the Woods, by Rosemary Laurey, (September 3, Samhain)
Uprooted to a remote Virginia mountain town by her husband in a failed attempt to start afresh, Cassie Jackson gets the cold shoulder from his reclusive, dark-haired family of “hunters”. When her husband is murdered, and she is shut out of the burial plans, she sneaks into the funeral home to at least say goodbye and discovers what it is her mother-in-law from Hell didn’t want her to see. Silver Grove used to be a quiet town, until Cassie arrived. She has dared to cross the river and Deputy David Argon found himself drawn to his newly widowed neighbor. He feels compelled to shield her from the rising tension among the citizens and the hunters. When another murder hits too close to home, staying out of her arms is mission impossible. 
Dark Lycan (Dark Carpathians #24), by Christine Feehan, (September 3, Berkley)
Tatijana of the Dragonseekers spent centuries encased in ice with her sister, trapped in limbo between life and death. She has been freed from her frozen prison by an unknown descendent. Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world in which she now lives. Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains after a long absence. He is scarred by centuries of battle. The real reason for his return home could prove deadly if discovered by the wrong person. He is compelled by a beautiful and enigmatic stranger. Tatijana and Fenris will discover all that unites them, their secrets and pasts, their predators, and the hot flush of passion that stirs their souls. Seduced into the silvery darkness of a full-moon night, they’ll also discover everything ancient and evil that exists to destroy them. 
Death’s Lover (Grim Reaper #1), by Marie Hall, (September 3, Forever Yours)
Eve Philips thought she could never love again. After her husband died in a hit-and-run accident, Eve poured her heart into her potions shop, Witch’s Brew, and hasn’t given any man a second glance-until Cian. Gorgeous and mysterious, he incites a passion in her that she’s never felt before. Cian knows Eve is special the minute they lay eyes on each other. He’s a supernatural being with a dangerous duty, and being seen is not part of the job description. But when he meets the kind, beautiful Eve, all the rules go out the window. Now that his superiors have gotten wind of it, he has a wicked enemy on his tail. Yet all he cares about is Eve: loving her, protecting her-and finding the right time to tell her his dark and terrible secret, a secret that threatens both of their lives. 
Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes (Geek Girls #2), by Gina Lamm, (September 3, Sourcebooks Casablanca)
Leah Ramsey has always loved historical romance novels and dressing in period costumes. So when she has a chance to time travel and experience the history for herself, she jumps at it, figuring it can’t be too hard to catch the eye of a duke. After all, it happens all the time in her novels. Avery Russell, valet and prize pugilist, reluctantly helps Leah gain a position in the Duke of Granville’s household, as a maid. Domestic servitude wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but she’s determined to win her happily ever after. Even if the hero isn’t exactly who she’s expecting. 
Half Blind (Freelance Magic #1), by Christine Price, (September 3, Samhain)
Wizard Ashley Brandon thought his mentor was above the temptation to misuse magic. He was wrong, and the aftermath left him scarred. When he’s assigned to a task force protecting an ancient relic, he butts heads with the infuriating, charismatic Frederick “Charles” Greer. Greer was only supposed to temporarily consult on the task force, but his admittedly unorthodox views on team building put him at odds with Brandon. The mission’s success requires complete cooperation, so Greer makes the first move to ease the tension. An apology leads to bickering. As that tension shifts into something more fierce, a brush with the relic’s power turns everything upside down. Leaving the mission, and Brandon’s heart, in even greater jeopardy. 
Happy Hour in Hell (Bobby Dollar #2), by Tad Williams, (September 3, DAW)
My name’s Bobby Dollar, sometimes known as Doloriel. Hell isn’t a great place for someone like me, I’m an angel. They have my girlfriend, who happens to be a beautiful demon named Casimira, Countess of Cold Hands. She’s being held hostage by one of the nastiest, most powerful demons in all of the netherworld, Eligor, Grand Duke of Hell. Not only do I have to sneak into Hell, make my way across thousands of miles of terror to reach Pandemonium, capital of the fiery depths, but then I have to steal Caz right out from under Eligor and smuggle her out again. I’m also being stalked by an undead psychopath named Smyler. If I somehow survive, I’ll still be the most hunted soul in Creation. But at least I’ll have Caz. So just pour me that drink. I’ve got somewhere to go. 
Have Monster, Will Travel (Monsters in Hollywood #4), by Lila Dubois, (September 3, Samhain)
All of Hollywood is talking about Calypso Production’s new action movie, and Joanna is tapped to be the production designer. The lead actors are monsters. Bound by tradition and discipline, Tokaki’s clan of shapeshifers has maintained the old ways. When members of another clan come up with a plan to expose and explain their hidden existence, he agrees to help. He’s asked to become something they call a “stunt coordinator.” When Joanna and Tokaki meet it’s electric. Tokaki is fascinated by the outside world, especially Joanna. When he takes Joanna to a hidden temple, neither expects she’ll be risking her very life. In order to save the woman he loves, Tokaki must turn to his family for help, risking the secrets his clan has kept for a millennium. 
Heroes Lost and Found (Blaze of Glory #3), by Sheryl Nantus, (September 3, Samhain)
Jo Tanis is still recovering from her near-death experience in Las Vegas when she receives a mysterious postcard from Harris Limox, who claims to have a promising lead on the whereabouts of the Controller. Over her boyfriend/guardian Hunter’s objections, she sets off to ferret out the truth. The Controller is more than just a disgruntled super. He’s a rogue Guardian who was presumed dead and is now armed with a slew of high-tech hardware and he’s got the ability to detonate the implants in the back of all supers’ necks. Jo meets a surviving Alpha super, Kit Masters, whose wild plan to capture the Controller could put an entire town of innocents at risk. Jo finds herself betrayed and trapped in her worst nightmare. Fight her former teammates, or die. 
How to Date a Dragon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #2), by Ashlyn Chase, (September 3, Sourcebooks Casablanca)
Sure, the fireman who saved Bliss Russo from her burning apartment building was a major hottie, but her computer and all her designs for Hall-Snark Greeting Cards went up in smoke! With a major design competition just weeks away, and her relentless family nagging her to find a husband, Bliss needs every last second to build back her portfolio. Drake Cameron, the dragon shapeshifter who came to Bliss’s rescue, can’t stop thinking about the woman he saved. But she disappeared without a trace, and now he has no way to find her. If he could just track her down, he’s sure he could win her heart. 
Hunter’s Heart (Alpha Pack #4), by J.D. Tyler, (September 3, Signet)
A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. Ryon Hunter sees dead people, spirits that beg him for help. A beautiful spirit appears to him. The woman is wildlife biologist Daria Bradford, mortally wounded after encountering a white wolf. When Ryon locates Daria it is almost too late. Nursing her back to health at the Alpha Pack compound brings a new complication: Daria is his destined mate. Ryon is afraid of what will happen when she discovers what he is. The biggest threat of all is still loose in the forest. The Alpha Pack goes on the hunt for the mysterious white wolf, only to find that the most lethal creature of all is the one they can’t see coming. 
Susan Calvin is about to enter her second year as a psych resident at the Manhattan Hasbro teaching hospital when a violent crime strikes her very close to home. When she was young, Susan lost her mother in a terrible car wreck that also badly injured her father. She now believes the accident was an attempted murder by government powers who wanted her parents dead. Susan has always known that there was a faction of the U.S. government that wanted to hijack her father’s work for military use. As she struggles to overcome her pain as well as deal with her studies, Susan finds herself hunted by violent anti-tech vigilantes and watched very closely by extremists who want high-tech genocide. Somehow she must find a way to stop them both. 
MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3), by Margaret Atwood, (September 3, Nan A. Talese)
Months after the Waterless Flood pandemic has wiped out most of humanity, Toby and Ren have rescued their friend Amanda from the vicious Painballers. They return to the MaddAddamite cob house. Accompanying them are the Crakers, the gentle, quasi-human species engineered by the deceased Crake. While their reluctant prophet, Jimmy, recovers from a debilitating fever, it’s left to Toby to narrate the Craker theology. Zeb searches for Adam One, founder of the God’s Gardeners, the pacifist green religion from which Zeb broke years ago to lead the MaddAddamites in active resistance against the destructive CorpSeCorps. At the centre, is the story of Zeb’s past, which involves a lost brother, a hidden murder, a bear, and a bizarre act of revenge. 
Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights #1), by Bianca D’Arc, (September 3, Samhain)
A chance meeting with a young male dragon seals the fate of one adventurous female poacher. The dragon’s partner, a ruggedly handsome knight named Gareth, takes one look at the shapely woman and decides to do a little poaching of his own. Sir Gareth both seduces and falls deeply in love with the girl who is not only unafraid of dragons but also possesses a rare gift, she can hear the beasts’ silent speech. He wants her for his mate, but mating with a knight is no simple thing. To accept a knight, a woman must also accept the dragon, the dragon’s mate, and her knight, Lars, too. She is at first shocked, then intrigued by the lusty life in the Lair. But war is in the making and only the knights and dragons have a chance at ending it before it destroys their land and their lives. 
Monsters of the Earth (The Books of the Elements #3), by David Drake, (September 3, Tor)
Governor Saxa, of the great city of Carce, a fantasy analog of ancient Rome, is rusticating at his villa. When Saxa’s son Varus accompanies Corylus on a visit to the household of his father, Crispus, a retired military commander, Saxa graciously joins the party with his young wife Hedia, daughter Alphena, making it a major social triumph for Crispus. On the way to the event, something goes amiss. Varus, who has been the conduit for supernatural visions before, experiences another: giant crystalline worms devouring the entire world. The major characters are each involved in supernatural events caused by a struggle between two powerful magicians, one of whom wants to destroy the world and the other who wishes to stop him. 
Realm of Shadows, by Heather Graham, (September 3, Zebra)
Tara Mason wants more than tourist sights out of her trip to the city of dreams, something strange and off the beaten path. But is it her own curiosity that draws her to an ancient cemetery on the outskirts of Paris? Or is she lured by a dark, immortal force she is powerless to resist? When she realizes someone is chasing after her, a shadowy figure getting closer and closer, how quickly the dream becomes nightmare. He calls himself a guardian. He is sworn to protect the innocent from an evil most never see. Now that he has caught up to her in the abandoned ruins of a country estate, he insists Tara must trust him. She has carelessly exposed herself. The evil has seen her, but he vows it will not claim her. 
Ritual Magic (World of the Lupi #10), by Eileen Wilks, (September 3, Berkley)
On her 57th birthday, Lily’s mother suddenly loses all memory beyond the age of twelve. Lily knows her mother was attacked by something more than magic. More and darker. When Lily and Rule discover that others suffered the same, mysterious loss, at the same time on the same night, their investigation into the darkness begins. Joining them is someone Lily never thought she’d see again: Al Drummond, who once tried to destroy her. He also happens to be dead. But the mysterious attacks were caused by a power strong enough to affect matters beyond the world of the living. With some  victims losing years of memory and others their lives, Lily must discover what on earth, or beyond, connects them.

Scorched, by Mari Mancusi (September 3, Sourcebooks Fire)
Young Adult. Trinity: Don’t leave me here… It starts with a whisper. At first Trinity thinks she’s going crazy. It wouldn’t be a big surprise—her grandpa firmly believes there’s a genuine dragon egg in their dusty little West Texas town. But this voice is real, and it’s begging for her protection. Even if no one else can hear it…Connor: He’s come from a future scorched by dragonfire. His mission: Find the girl. Destroy the egg. Save the world….Caleb: He’s everything his twin brother Connor hates: cocky, undisciplined, and obsessed with saving dragons…..Trinity has no idea which brother to believe. All she has to go by is the voice in her head—a dragon that won’t be tamed.

Sex and the Single Princess (Fairytale Fantasies #4), by Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor, (September 3, Samhain)
Will Shoemaker works his fingers to the bone to make quality footwear worthy to grace the feet of the king’s six daughters. His one-of-a-kind creations have been coming back to him in tatters. Will follows the princesses and discovers they’re dancing their nights away in a fairy world. The princess with the fastest feet is Iris, whom he has long loved from afar. With an arranged marriage in her future, Iris wrings as much pleasure as possible out of her last days of freedom. She dreams of the lowly cobbler. In a magical realm where anything is possible, Will and Iris find the ultimate fantasy: love, in each other’s arms. There’s betrayal and treachery afoot, and it’s poised to destroy everything on both sides of the veil. Including any chance of happily ever after for Iris and Will. 
Shaman, by Kim Stanley Robinson, (September 3, Orbit)
There is Thorn, a shaman himself. He lives to pass down his wisdom and his stories, to teach those who would follow in his footsteps. There is Heather, the healer who, in many ways, holds the clan together. There is Elga, an outsider and the bringer of change. And then there is Loon, the next shaman, who is determined to find his own path. But in a world so treacherous, that journey is never simple, and where it may lead is never certain. Shaman is a powerful, thrilling and heart-breaking story of one young man’s journey into adulthood, and an awe-inspiring vision of how we lived thirty thousand years ago. 
Soul Kissed (Shadow Kissed #2), by Erin Kellison, (September 3, Zebra)
While the world slumbers in Shadow, a fatal plague has swept through magekind. No one is immune to its ravages, and now that her father is dead, Cari Dolan must wield the fearful magic of her House to save innocent lives. At the mage Council’s bidding, dangerous outsider Mason Stray joins forces with Cari to hunt down the fiend responsible. But can he trust the daughter of wealth and privilege, especially when his own son is at risk? The princess will always welcome to her bed the warrior, even if one must pay the ultimate price. 
Starry Nights, by Daisy Whitney, (September 3, Bloomsbury USA Childrens)
Seventeen-year-old Julien is a romantic, he loves spending his free time at the museum poring over the great works of the Impressionists. But one night, a peach falls out of a Cezanne, Degas ballerinas dance across the floor, and Julien is not hallucinating. The art is reacting to a curse that trapped a beautiful girl, Clio, in a painting forever. Julien has a chance to free Clio and he can’t help but fall in love with her. But love is a curse in its own right. And soon paintings begin to bleed and disappear. Together Julien and Clio must save the world’s greatest art, at the expense of the greatest love they’ve ever known. 
Student Bodies (Poltergeeks #2), by Sean Cummings, (September 3, Strange Chemistry)
There’s someone lurking the halls of Crescent Ridge High School with enough malice to unleash an epidemic of Soul Worms, supernatural larvae that feed on the very fabric of a victim’s humanity. After witnessing the death of one of the most popular kids at school, Julie Richaradson and boyfriend Marcus find themselves in a race against time to find out who is behind the attacks. All the evidence points to a plot at the City Weir during the Winter Solstice; the place where icy waters of the Bow River and a thunderous spillway will mean the deaths of more than a hundred of Julie’s classmates. If she has any hope of saving their lives, she’ll need a little help from a coven of white witches and an Aboriginal mage whose snarky attitude is matched only by her magical prowess. 
Styxx (Dark-Hunter #23), by Sherrilyn Kenyon, (September 3, St. Martin’s Press)
Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge. As the twin to Acheron, Styxx hasn’t always been on his brother’s side. Now Styxx has a chance to prove his loyalty to his brother. The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, Bethany was born to right wrongs. She owes Acheron a debt that she vows to repay. He will join their fellow gods in hell and nothing is going to stop her. Styxx and Acheron must put aside their past and learn to trust each other. When loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that wants to consume the entire world? One that wants to start by devouring your very soul? 
The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles #3), by Juliet Dark , (September 3, Ballantine)
For Callie McFay, a half-witch/half-fey professor of folklore and Gothic literature, the fight to save the town of Fairwick is far from over. After a takeover by the Grove, a sinister group of witches and their cohorts, many of the local fey have been banished or killed. In place of the spirit of tolerance and harmony, the new administration at Fairwick College has fostered an air of danger and distrust. Callie is the only one who can rescue her friends and restore order, a task that requires her to find the Angel Stone, a legendary talisman of immense power. Callie risks her life to obtain the stone. When she encounters an incarnation of her lost love, she finds the greater risk is to her heart. Callie must make a choice: reclaim a chance for eternal passion or save everything she holds dear. 
The Given Sacrifice: A Novel of the Change (Emberverse #10), by S.M. Stirling, (September 3, Roc)
Rudi Mackenzie has won the battle that expelled the enemy from the new High Kingdom of Montival. Now he must free the people who live in the state once known as Idaho from occupation by the legions of the Church Universal and Triumphant and pursue them to their lair over the mountains. There he will finally confront the forces behind the Church, the Powers of the Void. The Powers of the Void are malevolent and infinitely patient, and the struggle is one that involves the entire world. They threaten Rudi not only in the present, but also in the future represented by his children, Órlaith and John. As his heir Princess Órlaith grows up in the shadow of her famous father, she also realizes that the enemy will do anything to see that she does not live to fulfill her parents’ dream. 
The Grim Company (Grim Company #1), by Luke Scull, (September 3, Roc)
This is a world dying. A world where wild magic leaks from the corpses of rotting gods, desperate tyrants battle over fading resources, impassive shapeshifters marshal beasts of enormous size and startling intelligence, and ravenous demons infest the northern mountains. A world where the only difference between a hero and a killer lies in the ability to justify dark deeds. But even in this world, pockets of resistance remain. When two aging warriors save the life of a young rebel, it proves the foundation for an unlikely fellowship. A fellowship united against tyranny, yet composed of self-righteous outlaws, crippled turncoats and amoral mercenaries. This is the Age of Ruin and there are no heroes. 
The Last Apprentice: I Am Alice (The Last Apprentice/Wardstone Chronicles #12), by Joseph Delaney, (September 3, Greenwillow) (U.S. Release)
Alice is the most powerful witch the county has ever seen. She may one day be the most evil. But Alice is also the best friend, and true love, of Tom Ward. Together they work to defeat the Fiend, the world’s greatest evil, once and for all. They have nearly everything they need, all except a blade hidden in the Dark, the Fiend’s domain. So Alice ventures there to find it. She faces the most terrifying creatures in existence. And she once again battles old enemies who bear grudges: Bony Lizzie, Bloodeye, and more. And there’s something Tom didn’t tell her. To vanquish the Fiend, Tom must sacrifice the person he loves most. Alice is hunting for the very blade that will eventually kill her. 
The Last President (Daybreak #3), by John Barnes, (September 3, Ace)
Heather O’Grainne and her small band of heroes, operating out of Pueblo, Colorado, have struggled to pull the United States back together after it shattered under the impact of the event known as Daybreak. They are poised to bring the three or four biggest remaining pieces together, with a real President and Congress, under the full Constitution again. Heather is very close to fulfilling her oath, creating a safe haven for civilization to be reborn. Other forces are rising too. Some people like the new life better. In a devastated, splintered, postapocalyptic United States, with technology thrown back to biplanes, black powder, and steam trains, a tiny band of visionaries struggles to re-create Constitutional government and civilization itself, as a new dark age takes shape around them. 
The Man Who Sold the Moon/Orphans of the Sky, by Robert A. Heinlein, (September 3, Baen)

The Man Who Sold the Moon: D. D. Harriman is a billionaire with a dream: the dream of space for all mankind. The method? Anything that works. Maybe, in fact, Harriman goes too far. But he will give us the stars. Orphans of the Sky: Hugh had been taught that, according to the ancient sacred writings, the Ship was on a voyage to faraway Centaurus. But he also understood that this must be allegory for a voyage to spiritual perfection. After all, the real world was only metal corridors and nothing else, right? And then Hugh begins to suspect the truth. Two classics with a new introduction by Mark Van Name.

The Outside (Hallowed Ones #2), by Laura Bickle (September 3, Harcourt)
After a plague of vampires is unleashed in the world, Katie is kicked out of her Amish community for her refusal to adhere to the new rules of survival. Now in exile, she enters an outside world of unspeakable violence with only her two “English” friends and a horse by her side. Together they seek answers and other survivors—but each sunset brings the threat of vampire attack, and each sunrise the threat of starvation. And yet through this darkness come the shining ones: luminescent men and women with the power to deflect vampires and survive the night. But can these new people be trusted, and are they even people at all? In this edge-of-your-seat thriller, it’s up to one Amish girl to save her family, her community, and the boy she loves . . . but what will she be asked to leave behind in return?

The Protected (The FBI Psychics #4), by Shiloh Walker, (September 3, Berkley Trade)
Agent Vaughnne MacMeans would do anything to avoid setting foot in Orlando again. Her new assignment, keeping tabs on a psychic kid who may or may not be in danger, is forcing her right back to the city where her sister was murdered. Protecting Alex is a priority for Gus, the boy’s guardian. Gus may not understand the young man’s “gift” but he knows that some people would kill for it. When a beautiful stranger moves in next door, his impulse is to take the kid and bolt. Gus has learned never to flee without a plan, and besides, she doesn’t exactly look like an assassin. When some dangerous people from Gus’s past do catch up to him and Alex, it’s too late to run. His new neighbor is the last person he thought he could turn to, but Vaughnne is only chance Gus and Alex have left. 
The Savage Dead, by Joe McKinney, (September 3, Pinnacle)
It starts in a laboratory. A man-made strain of flesh-eating virus created by a power-hungry cartel capable of turning victims into brain-dead carnivores. Smuggled aboard a cruise ship that’s about to set sail, one by one, the passengers are exposed. Some will be infected. Others will survive. But no one will be spared if the outbreak isn’t contained, and the dead outnumber the living. Enter Delta Force operative Juan Perez. He’s fought the deadliest killers in the darkest hellholes on earth. But he’s never seen anything like this: an apocalyptic cargo of pure zombie mayhem heading for the coast. If Perez and his SEAL team can’t stop it, America, and quickly the entire population of the world, are finished. The plague years will begin. 
The Shadow Lamp (Bright Empires #4), by Stephen R. Lawhead, (September 3, Thomas Nelson)
Kit, Mina, Gianni, Cass, Haven, and Giles have gathered in Mina’s 16th-century coffee house and are united in their determination to find a path back to the Spirit Well. Yet, with their shadow lamps destroyed and key pieces of the map still missing, the journey will be far more difficult than they imagine. And when one of their own disappears with the Sir Henry’s cryptic Green Book, they no longer know who to trust. The Zetetic Society has uncovered a terrifying secret which, if proven, will rock the very foundations of Creation. The quest for answers is no longer limited to recovering an unknown treasure. The fate of the universe depends on unraveling the riddle of the Skin Map. 
The Undead Hordes of Kangul (The Shadow Warrior Saga #1), by Jon F. Merz, (September 3, Baen)
In the fog-enshrouded peaks of the island nation of Nehan, Ran, a newly-minted shadow warrior is set loose on a musha shugyo, a wandering quest, whereby he must travel alone and hone his skills. Journeying aboard a merchant vessel, Ran hears tales of a mysterious lord believed to have the dead for his servants. Soon these tales prove all too real as Ran comes to the aid of Jysal, a beautiful sorceress, whose undeveloped power gives her the ability to heal a land or destroy it. But the Lord Kan-Gul also covets Jysal’s power. And when Kan-Gul sends a army of the undead to take Jysal by force, Ran is faced with the ultimate warrior’s choice: save himself, or face down a horde of enemies that cannot be killed for the simple reason that they are already dead! 
The Woken Gods, by Gwenda Bond, (September 3, Strange Chemistry)
This morning, seventeen-year-old Kyra Locke was late for school. That’s not out of the ordinary in a transformed Washington, D.C., dominated by the embassies of divine pantheons and watched over by the mysterious Society of the Sun. What is unusual is Kyra’s encounter with two trickster gods on her way home. Kyra escapes with the aid of young operatives from the Society, who inform her that her scholarly father has disappeared from its headquarters at the Library of Congress and taken a dangerous Egyptian relic with him. The Society needs the item back. Kyra must depend on her wits and the help of everyone from a ex-boyfriend to Sumerian gods to operatives whose allegiance is first and always to the Society. 
Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising #1), by John Ringo, (September 3, Baen)
When an airborne “zombie” plague is released, bringing civilization to a grinding halt, the Smith family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia and Faith, take to the Atlantic to avoid the chaos. The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity. What they discover, instead, is a sea composed of the tears of survivors and a passion for bringing hope. For it is up to the Smiths and a small band of Marines to somehow create the refuge that survivors seek in a world of darkness and terror. Now with every continent a holocaust and every ship an abattoir, life is lived beneath a graveyard sky. 
Vampires Need Not…Apply? (Accidentally Yours#4), by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, (September 3, Forever Yours)
Meet Dr. Antonio Acero. Heir to Spain’s wealthiest family, world-renowned physicist, and dedicated bachelor. While on vacation in southern Mexico, Antonio discovers an ancient Mayan tablet. Local legends say it contains magical properties, properties that could put his stalling research on the map. But is this really his lucky break? When Antonio attempts to put the tablet to use, he’ll discover that Fate has other plans. Her name is Ixtab, and she’s quite possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived. 
When the World Was Flat (And We Were in Love), by Ingrid Jonach, (September 3, Strange Chemistry)
When sixteen-year-old Lillie Hart meets Tom Windsor-Smith for the first time, it’s like fireworks. Tom looks as if he is bored by her and by her small Nebraskan town in general. As Lillie begins to break down the walls of his seemingly impenetrable exterior, she starts to suspect that he holds the answers to her reoccurring nightmares and to the impossible memories which keep bubbling to the surface of her mind, memories of the two of them, together and in love. When she learns the truth about their connection, Lillie discovers that Tom has been hiding an earth-shattering secret; a secret that is bigger, and much more terrifying and beautiful, than the both of them. She also discovers that once you finally understand that the world is round, there is no way to make it flat again.  
Spring, 1890, and England needs a hero. Gideon Smith is yet to step up to the role as public protector of the Empire, but in the background and the shadows, Mr Walsingham pulls strings to keep the often outlandish threats to Britain and her interests at bay. It is a role that lies heavy on his shoulders, and here we find him composing his end-of-year report to Queen Victoria. Business As Usual is a standalone short story that takes place some months before the events of the forthcoming steampunk/Victoriana novel from Tor, Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, to be published later this month. 
Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War, edited by Steve Berman, (September 4, Prime Books)
More Americans were killed during the years 1861-1865 than any other date in history. Men shattered, women lost, families broken. Editor Steve Berman offers readers tales of the supernatural, ghost stories that range from the haunts of the battlefield to revenants on the long march home. Yank. Rebel. Both finding themselves at odds in flesh and spirit. Contributing authors include: Will Ludwigsen, Tenea D. Johnson, Carrie Laben, Devin Poore, Ambrose Bierce, Connie Wilkins, Christopher M. Cevasco, Jameson Currier, Cindy Potts, Kristopher Reisz, John F.D. Taff, Russell Davis, Jennifer R. Povey, Jeff Mann, Albert E. Cowdrey, Ed Kurtz, Caren Gussoff, Nick, Mamatas, Chaz Brenchley, Laird Barron, Melissa Scott, and Lee Hoffman.
The small print: Five entries possible: +1 for comment to tell me what book you want, +1 for blog follow, +1 for Twitter follow, +1 for a Tweet or RT about the contest, +1 for a Facebook like. This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info. 

Now….go forth and comment!

51 thoughts on “New Releases August 31—September 6 and Readers Choice C*ntest

  1. Also releasing today:.The Outside by Laura Bickle (book 2 of The Hallowed Ones)

    But I have preordered that baby stars ago, so will throw my name in the hat for Under A Graveyard Sky.

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  2. Oh wow. Either Ritual Magic by Eileen Wilkes or Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire. Both are amazing writers with fabulous series.

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  3. Also released today if i’m right: Scorched by Marianne Mancusi ( i’m interested in that one) but i also want the new seanan mcguire ( or one of teh few i’m missing since i’ve got addicted to this series) or the one by jd tyler

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    thank you a lot!!

  4. Lots of great choices… ok Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
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  5. Enjoyed the trailer for The Buccaneer, think I need to get that DVD.
    If I were to win I would choose Eileen Wilk’s, Ritual Magic.
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  6. This is an awesome release week! I have several preordered but you’ve just presented me with some more that look awesome! Thanks so much! Ummm… I’m torn between Scorched, by Mari Mancusi and Dark in the Woods, by Rosemary Laurey both are books that I haven’t come across before.
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  7. Wow, What an awesome selection. Very hard decision. How about Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx. Thanks for sharing the New Releases. vampireroyal at yahoo dot com
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  8. Definitely The Angel Stone by Juliet Dark! I love this series and Callie has my dream job. Cheers!

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  9. What a great list of books! I’d have to choose Damek’s Redemption by NJ Walters. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  10. So many great choices, luckily I preordered a few 🙂
    I’d love to win Styxx, Sherrilyn Kenyon is such a great author.
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

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  11. I absolutely adore the October Daye series, but that Luke Scull book looks pretty intriguing…

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  12. Wow, so many wonderful books this week. I’ll have to go with Scorched, by Mari Mancusi because it’s been on my wish list since I first saw the cover and read the blurb.

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  13. Great selection of books! I would love to win Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Williams. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

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  14. Fabulous thank you.

    I’d love Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War thanks.

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  15. There are so many good ones to choose from. Dark in the Wood by Rosemary Laurey is my choice. Thanks for the contest!
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  16. I already bought Chimes at Midnight (LOVE the Toby Daye series!) so I’d go with Hallowed Ones #1.

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  17. Either When the World Was Flat (And We Were in Love), by Ingrid Jonach or The Outside (Hallowed Ones #2), by Laura Bickle for me please 🙂

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  18. Oh wow, what a list! I’ll never get through my reading pile with so many awesome books coming out each week (not that it’s a bad thing). I think I’d like to try for Starry Nights this week please, I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for it over the last few weeks. Thank you!

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