Scene Snippet Sunday…And Did You #Win a Book This Week?

Welcome to a late edition of scene-snippet Sunday. I had a harrowing day-job week, which is summed up by my latest digital journal entry. I’m posting these on Pinterest, by the way, although “irregular” doesn’t begin to cover it. But I’m trying to do one or two a week. “Pecked to death by ducks” means not being able to meet deadlines or get the stuff done I need to do because of so many interruptions from people needing me to drop what I’m doing so I can help them with something. Peck. Peck. Peck.

Lots of winners to announce today, but first a little teaser from the very beginning of the fourth Penton novel, written as Susannah Sandlin. Then a look at the busy week ahead! (By the way, I’m running a contest on the Susannah Sandlin website to help name that book, so if you haven’t tossed any possible names in the ring yet, hop to!)

If you’ve read the Penton saga so far, you’re probably wondering whatever happened to Matthias Ludlam, our old friend and…well, okay, he’s nobody’s friend really, is he? Penton 4 begins three months after the end of the third book, Omega…

Movement from above. Unfamiliar voices. The dreams always began this way.

A shaft of light would pierce the darkness from above. Heavy boots would descend the steps. The gleam of a sharpened sword would rivet his attention until his gaze rose to the face of the man who bore it. The Slayer, Mirren Kincaid. The man who’d come to kill him.

In the dream, Matthias Ludlam always met his final moments not with brave defiance but humiliation, pleading for mercy from the man whose life he’d tried to destroy, and failed.

Each day at dusk, as Matthias came out of another daysleep, the dream would reach the same end. Kincaid would smile, and the blade would fall.

Matthias had spent the past three months thinking of little else. Now, finally, could be the night the dream became real.

Aw, poor old Matthias. Not having much fun, is he? Maybe I should send Quince Randolph to share a cell with him, ya think? 🙂
Okay, then, here’s a pile o’winners. If you see your name here for the weekly blog prizes, please email me HERE with your pertinent info. If you won an Elysian Fields tour prize, you will already have received an email from me.
LISA ILJ won this week’s Reader’s Choice–she chose Kindare Blake’s ANTIGODDESS.
TIFFANY H won her choice of the first or second in Laura Bickle’s HALLOWED ONES series.
GALENA won her choice of Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa novels, THE HUM AND THE SHIVER or WISP OF A THING.
STEPH H won a copy of Jami Gray’s SHADOW’S EDGE or SHADOW’S SOUL.
And in the Elysian Fields Tour…
VALERIE R won the iPad 2.
Winners of the $20 GC were: LINDA T; MARA M; KAYLA C; MANDY E; AND LIZ S. 
Tune in tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice! I have a great group of guest bloggers on again this week, and, next weekend, will have some pix from my trip to New Orleans this week. It’s going to be a quick-and-dirty trip down on Thursday and back on Saturday so there won’t be time to do much. But I’ll come up with something!
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  1. Love your journal entry. I know exactly how that feels when you’re interrupted so many times you can even remember what you were trying to do in the first place! And many thanks for the gift card too!

  2. Matthias? Hope he only has a small part in Penton four. Just prior to his death.. Sorry I’m late, NASCAR race at Chicagoland had a five hour rain delay yesterday. Good race.