Scene-Snippet Sunday from the World of Elysian Fields (And Weekly Winners and Chicken Dinners)

Well, something like that.
Yesterday sucked, with a seven-hour stint on the day job without a break, and zero writing time with a deadline looming. Here’s my journal page for the day. It kind of sums it up. 
Today shall be a better day. I hereby declare it. Eh. We’ll see.
Anyway, I don’t have new Sentinels book stuff to snippet you with today, so I’ll snippet you with a teaser for Tuesday’s Flash-Fiction, which will be running on Fang-tastic Books. It’s a longer story than the others, and is called “Nix That.”
A bit of trivia about the story. Nixes, a preternatural water species, were part of the original storyline of River Road. My editor thought (and rightly so) that there were too many species in the book and therefore declared, “Off with their heads,” or something like that. Members of my local writing group were horrified, being very fond of the nixes and their leader, Chilton, and have been after me forever about doing a story with Chilton and his wives in it. So that’s the origin of this story.
            I settled behind my desk in the small, generic strip-mall space I call an office. My rented space was sandwiched between a coffee shop and a Stein Mart in a strip mall on Tchoupitoulas Street, so a chocolate latte or retail therapy was always near at hand.

            I might need both. An early-morning call from my merman friend Rene Delachaise had alerted me to an impending problem. A pod of nixes, water species about whom I knew precisely nothing, had moved into the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Refuge near Rene’s mer clan.

All the water species were territorial, and merfolk were among the worst. Rene hadn’t told me to get rid of the nixes, exactly. He’d ended his short call with a cryptic “they don’t mainstream with humans very well, babe, even by N’Orluns standards.” I was waiting for a 9 a.m. visit from the nix pod leader, Chilton, who’d been convinced of the need to meet me following a threat of violence from Rene.

            Armed with my elven staff, Charlie, and a strong latte, I logged onto the wizarding Elders’ secure website to get the scoop on nixes. The words “peculiar” and “eccentric” showed up multiple times on the first page. Not a good sign.

            A blowing horn sounded from the parking lot, and I looked out the office window, hoping it had nothing to do with nixes. The reincarnation of the Addams Family’s Cousin It hoofed it across the pavement in my direction, oblivious to a bug-eyed woman watching him from behind the wheel of a blue Toyota. Bare, hair-covered feet poked out from the bottom of a silvery-green suit that looked suspiciously like scales. Each foot had six toes.

And there you have an early intro to Chilton. More coming on Tuesday!

Now…did you win a book this week? If you see your name here, please contact me AT THIS EMAIL with your info (if it’s an ebook, your preferred format; if print, your snail-mail address; if there’s a choice, your choice).

LINDALOU won an ebook of Paula Millhouse’s Three Wishes.

EVA M. won an ebook of MV Freeman’s Incandescent.

NIGHT_ANGEL55 won a $10 gift card to Amazon or other online retailer of choice (let me know if you’re outside the U.S., as the options are different), and a signed copy of one of my books, whichever you want: Royal Street, River Road, Elysian Fields, Redemption, Absolution, Omega, Storm Force. This was for the comment on the Romance Magicians blog.

KAI won an ebook of Passion’s Sacred Dance by Juli D. Revezzo.

IRENE J won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and selected Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx. 

That’s it for today. A new Reader’s Choice will be coming your way tomorrow! 

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  1. I remember from previous blogs that you had cut some species out of your books. Don’t think I ever heard of Nixes or Chilton. Tuesday will really be fun. Congratulations to all the book winners.

  2. congrats to the winners^^ i can’t wait for tuesday now ^^ ( though it’s my brother’s birthday so i will have to come between all the preparations^^)