Weekly Winners and One Tired Writer

Nap. I NEEDS a nap. Drove down to New Orleans on Thursday, and the six-hour drive took an extra hour and a half because of heavy traffic solid from Mobile to NOLA.

Friday was the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance trade show, and it was a cool experience, as always, although most of the booksellers seemed friendly but perplexed by the whole paranormal genre.

My theory of this, formed on the drive back yesterday (which took more than eight hours because of blinding rainstorms) is that the event is heavily geared toward sellers of literary fiction and Young Adult titles, which I guess is what sells best in the their stores. Those of us unapologetically writing adult genre fiction are always kind of the odd ducks. It was still a great experience, and who knows–maybe someone will be lured away from literary fiction and corrupted by us lowbrow genre writers!

A few pics…

Canal Street

You should never call a Cajun a “coon ass.” They may refer to themselves that way, however, and even put it on the restroom door!

Jean has his own dish at L’il Gs restaurant in Belle Chasse–Fried Jumbo Soft Shell Crab Lafitte. and the stuffed version. I was tempted, but opted instead for the Plaquemines. (And yeah, it’s probably referring to the nearby Lafitte town, state park, or wildlife refuge, but I can pretend.)


Unlike the gator above, these two gator heads are real. Poor guys. No, the one on the left doesn’t actually have glowing eyes; it’s called iPhone camera flashback!

Not the real undead Louis Armstrong playing in the Green Gator; just a 10-foot-tall replica playing in the lobby of the Sheraton.

 What authors do while eating lunch. Make notes.

The view from the 19th floor of the Sheraton, which was where my room was located. I love this shot because you can see one of the big bends in the Mississippi River as it winds past the French Quarter.

Turtle soup with a heavy dollop of sherry, anyone? Mandina’s on Canal Street, of course.

It was such a quick trip, I didn’t really have a chance  to go anywhere except a couple of restaurants. The next trip, I intend to rectify this!

Now…did you win a book this week? If so, please email me HERE with the relevant info. Yes, I’m behind on mailings so please be patient.

LAWONDER won the Alyxandra Harvey giveaway–she chose the first book of the Drake Chronicles. Your choice of print or digital.

MARY PRESTON won the giveaway from Barbara Monajem. Your choice of print or ebook of Heart of Constantine, or your choice of one of the earlier Bayou Gavotte series books.

PHANTOM BOOK BLOG won a copy of Teresa Frohock’s Miserere.

MIKI won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest, and chose the first book in the Lotus War series.

Back tomorrow with a new Reader’s Choice!

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  1. that was a really busy travel^^( and yes i try to decipher the note^^ too curious)

    thank you a lot for shraing with us the picture ( glowing eyes gator would have been perfect for halloween^^)

    thank you also for teh book i’m sending an email now.

    congrats to the other winners!