Yikes–Is it Sunday Already? Did you win a book this week?

Life continues at a pace of utter craziness, so I’m taking a quick break to announce this week’s book winners. Things will settle down in another week, if I survive it, so the dark tunnel does have a bit of light ahead!

I’ve gotten some great suggestions for Penton Book 4 titles over at the Susannah Sandlin site. There’s still about a week before I’ll narrow the list to four, and then will let my editor pick the final if I don’t have a strong opinion. So stay tuned for the winner of that contest!

Yesterday, I drove to Birmingham to do my little plotting workshop at the Hoover Public Library. It was a great group, and I even had a chance to talk a little about my experiment using the Scrivener writing software. I’ve had the program for a while but never had time to take the tutorial, so I dove in headfirst with Penton 4 and am writing it entirely in Scrivener.

Since I don’t have an actual scene snippet to run today, I’ll share a little of my process…

Here’s what a screen looks like in Scrivener as I’m using it. I have chapters divided into sets of four with a card for what’ll happen in each chapter as well as a separate card with the chapter goals in terms of moving the story forward or what conflict is occurring. I don’t think any of these really contain spoilers, so feel free to blow ’em up and read 🙂

I also am able to make character sheets. Here’s part of the one for Cage Reynolds, the hero of Penton 4. I came across a photo of the guy who plays in “Sons of Anarchy,” which I’ve never watched and can’t even remember the actor’s name, but he might be a good Cage, with green eyes and slightly darker hair. So I stuck his picture in the file as well.

Okay, so that was boring, right? But there you have it, nonetheless.

So, DID you win a book this week? If you’re waiting for something from me, please know that I’ll get caught up as soon as this book is done. October 9. Seriously. Until then, I’m just trying to stay afloat.

If you see your name here, please contact me with your mailing info or email (if for a digital book).

CAROLYN V won a copy of either the first in Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops urban fantasy series, Control Point (book one) or Fortress Frontier.

ERIN won a copy of Julie Anne Lindsey’s Deceived (I believe this is an ebook).

GALENA won a copy of Betty Bolte’s Hometown Heroines.

KATHY O won a copy of Mina Khan’s Wildfire (also ebook).

GAMISTRESS66 won this week’s Reader’s Choice award and chose Alexa Egan’s Shadow’s Curse, choice of digital or print.

Stay tuned for a new Reader’s Choice contest tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Yikes–Is it Sunday Already? Did you win a book this week?

  1. i still need to think about some more title to add but yes september has been crazy for a lot of us^^ .

    it’s interesting to see how you work perhaps even more than a snippet ( or at least it’s a good change but i do love snippets^^)

    congrats to this week winner

  2. LOL I think the pic you snatched from SOA is Charley Hunnam…the star of next year’s hotly anticipated 50SOG.–aka Christian Grey.

    See, now that I see Scrivener in action I really don’t want to use it. I’m not that notecardy

    • LOL, I didn’t realize that’s who’d play Christian Grey. Now I KNOW I have to find a new Cage!

      Scrivener is pretty flexible. I’m not an index-card person either as a rule, but I’m trying it out with this book. I don’t ever refer back to them, but I’ve been organizing with them 🙂

    • hum did you ask Keri for the portefolio of cover model? perhaps you willl find your perfect cage in it^^

      i can guess how difficult it lust be to find the face than match what you dreamed^^

    • In some ways it’s better not to find one that’s too close, I guess. I have NEVER found the right Alex or Mirren. The down side of putting an image out there is it takes away the reader’s ability to imagine the character as he or she would look to her.