Jean Lafitte on a Rampage…And Our Weekly Winners

Welcome to Scene-Snippet Sunday (or as I inadvertently renamed it last week, “Scene-Snipper Sunday”). I can’t even blame auto-correct on that one!

I don’t actually have a scene snippet today, but I am working on book four in the Sentinels Series, which will be called PIRATE’S ALLEY. I have a plotting process I go through with each book, and it starts with a title (check), a 50-word “Big Idea” (check), and a 200-word blurb, which is where I am now in the process. So I thought I’d share that with you. [And if you’re a fan of the Penton series, check out the Susannah Sandlin website for a sneak preview of Lovely, Dark and Deep–first in a new series called The Collectors, coming December 24.]

If you were disappointed because our favorite undead French pirate was absent for chunks of Elysian Fields, you’ll be happy to note he has a great big front-and-center role in Pirate’s Alley (in case the title didn’t give it away).

Things change as the writing and editing take place, of course. Usually they change quite a bit. But here’s a sneak preview of PA as it currently stands….

Wizard sentinel Drusilla Jaco isn’t feeling the holiday spirit as Christmas approaches. A vampire and the world’s most powerful wizard have her on their “naughty” list, and she fears more than a lump of coal is coming her way. Her holiday card from the Interspecies Council is a summons to appear at a January hearing. She can’t take two steps without tripping over a certain six-foot, conniving elf—and none of Santa’s elves ever behaved like this one. Her significant-something Alex has a wish list of things for her to change about herself.

Oh, and lest Jolly Old Saint Nick forget, she has her own Christmas wish: help in controlling an undead pirate on a murderous rampage. The pirate Jean Lafitte’s mortal life might have ended in 1825, but now, as an immortal member of New Orleans’ Historical Undead, he’s a lethal enemy to have—something the elves aren’t taking seriously. They should.

DJ isn’t known for her patience or political savvy, but if she can’t control the Pirate Lafitte, the delicate interspecies dance going on in the halls of preternatural power will turn into one deadly New Year’s fais-do-do.

Ay-yiiii, as our Cajun friend Rene would say 🙂
Speaking of mermen, stay tuned for some major upcoming news from my fictional community of Chenoire, which has been stolen by Susannah Sandlin, the witch. 🙂
Now, did you win a book this week? I know I sound like a broken record, but bear with me. I am finishing up Penton 4 this week (yep, it’s overdue) and am even slower than usually in keeping up with prize mailings. They will come, however!
If you see your name, please email me HERE with your mailing info. Note that if you’re outside the U.S. and the book you won isn’t available from Book Depository, a book of equal value (of your choice) can be substituted.
LAURA won her choice of Jeffe Kennedy’s Covenant books–either Rogue’s Pawn (book 1) or Rogue’s Possession (book 2). These are ebooks.
VAMPEDCHIK won a copy of Kim Despins’ The Keeper. This is your choice of print or digital.
BOOKLADY won a choice of Celia Breslin’s Haven or The Vampire Code. 
VAN PHAM won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest, and chose Tandem.
See you tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice contest! 
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7 thoughts on “Jean Lafitte on a Rampage…And Our Weekly Winners

  1. But what we saw of Jean in Elysian Fields was in the Beyond, which made it very rewarding. Can’t wait for Pirate’s Alley. I think of a snipper as a short snippet.

  2. ^^ oki i will check susannah website tomorrow when my head will have less fever to make me understand so slowly whati’m reading but…

    the snippet/summary is perhaps the most tempting so far for me^^

    thank you for sharing with us ( now back to bed and rest for teh second week and finish this infection!)

  3. Yay! Can’t wait! Love the snippet. Jean is dreamy; good looking and willing to exact revenge on behalf of those on his good side. Glad you are plotting a whole book around him.

  4. Love love love Jean Lafitte, thanks for the snipper…er snppet…er whatever we are calling it! Can’t wait for Pirate’s Alley.