We love Sirens! Q&A with Debbie Herbert and Win a Book

First off, a quick housekeeping note. I’m over at Lady Scribes today, talking about my new Royal Street Pinterest page and giving away the gift of music to a commenter. Check it out!

Now, please help me welcome fellow Alabama author Debbie Herbert to Preternatura today. Debbie’s debut book is Siren’s Secret and it will be released during the first week of November by Harlequin. 

Debbie Herbert writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment. She’s always been fascinated by magic, romance and gothic stories. Married and living in Alabama, she roots for the Crimson Tide football team. (Suzanne says: My alma mater! ROLL TIDE, Debbie!) Unlike the mermaid characters in Siren’s Secret, she loves cats and has two spoiled feline companions. When not working on her upcoming book, Siren’s Treasure, Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling and motorcycle riding with her husband. A past Maggie finalist in both Young Adult and Paranormal Romance, she’s a member of the Georgia Romance Writers of America. Debbie has a degree in English (Berry College, GA) and a master’s in Library Studies (University of Alabama). You can learn more about Debbie by visiting her website, on Facebook, by visiting her blog, or by following her on twitter. 

ABOUT SIREN’S SECRET:  Shelly Connors’s worlds—on land and in the sea—are turned upside down when an evening swim turns into a nightmare. On a sweltering night deep in the bayou, the mystical mermaid witnesses a horrifying act. With a monstrous killer now hot on her trail, her life and the lives of her kin are in jeopardy. Terrified of becoming the next victim, Shelly has no choice but to turn to Sheriff Tillman Angier. Tillman has had his intense gray eyes on the sultry honey-haired beauty for a while. The feelings are mutual …and impossible to ignore. But he’s determined to solve the murders, and he knows Shelly’s hiding something. Can she trust him with her deepest secret?

And now, let’s hear from Debbie…
It’s play Twitter time.  Describe yourself, your heroine and your hero in 140 characters or less.
Debbie: I truly believe love is magical, pizza and diet coke are dietary staples, and that cats are the coolest creatures roaming the planet.
Shelly:  Not belonging to either land or sea has left her vulnerable and lonely. But she’s not bitter, she’s compassionate and unearthly gorgeous.
Tillman:  Strong, loyal and brave, he’s a terrific local sheriff, but also the backbone of his troubled family. Biggest pet peeve: do not lie to him. 

You have a strong world built in a small Alabama bayou.  Does being a Southerner affect your writing style?

Absolutely.  I believe Southerners have a deep sense of place.  My bayou mermaids wouldn’t be the same if they frolicked in the frigid Antarctic Ocean.  Besides, I grew up hooked on reading Southern Gothic, where live oaks were shrouded with Spanish moss and families lived out in the backwoods.
What three things do you need in order to write?
My orange tabby, Grendel, would say I need him draped in front of the computer monitor.  But what’s essential for me is peace, quiet and my large posterboard marked up with scenes.
What are you working on now?
I just finished book two of the Dark Seas series for Harlequin Nocturne.  That book, Siren’s Treasure, takes up the story of Shelly’s cousin, Jet.  It’s The Hunt for Red October meets paranormal. The third book will take up the story of Lily, Jet’s sister, who is an irresistible siren.
Thanks so much for letting me visit!
Thank you for stopping by today, Debbie. 
As always, leave a comment to be entered for your chance to win a copy of Siren’s Secret. Have  you read a book about sirens? The first one I remember reading was the heroine in Tamara Hogan’s first Underbelly Chronicles a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to dig into this one!

15 thoughts on “We love Sirens! Q&A with Debbie Herbert and Win a Book

  1. CT Adams has a siren series which is excellent. Love the concept of a paranormal Hunt for Red October. Congrats on your series!

  2. there is a male siren in the series by Kelly Gay and i quite loved it but i admit i haven’t read a lot of siren book, i do own ” ondine” though so i will try to remedy the situation ^^;;

  3. Not really, just the Tamara Hogan one, I’ve read mermaid books, but not sirens. Can’t wait to read this series. Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway.

  4. Thanks everyone for saying hello! I wish you all luck in the giveaway. I think sirens/mermaids are way cool and hope you’ll like my take on them.

    Debbie Herbert

  5. I still haven’t read any books about siren, All i know about siren was from movie and read books Gena Showalter’s The Atlantis series, but just a little about siren on that series.

  6. Happy Halloween everyone!

    Suzanne, hope to see you at the RWA Reader’s Luncheon in Birmingham Saturday.

    Debbie Herbert

  7. Not read any with a siren for a main character, though the concept is interesting, especially for romance! How can a gal be convinced a man loves HER and is not simply enchanted. A conundrum, fo sho.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win, and hear more about this book!

  8. I read Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama, and a main character is a siren/mermaid. I really liked this book because it’s also a mystery/ghost story!

  9. I have not read any books about sirens, but Siren’s Secret sounds very interesting. Thanks for the great giveaway!