Weekly Winners, Online Classes and a Penton Scene Snipper

Happy Sunday! First, a bit of housekeeping.

If you are an aspiring author, an author planning or stalled on a new project, or just interested in the plotting process. I’m starting my monthlong online plotting workshop tomorrow through the Contemporary Romance Writers chapter. You don’t have to be a chapter member to join in, and lessons are conducted via a Yahoo loop. More info here. This is the last time until at least mid-2014 I’ll be doing this particular workshop since I’m rolling out some new classes next year.

Also, tickets are still available for the annual Southern Magic Readers Luncheon being held on Saturday, November 2, in Birmingham at the Harbert Center. I’ll be hosting a table, so come and have lunch with me! This is a fun event, open to the public, and every author who hosts a table donates a goodie basket to give away. There are also huge raffle baskets available to win, and free goodies at every table. And a book signing. And our special speaker is Jeaniene Frost.

Wrapping up the shameless self-promo portion of today’s blog, today is the LAST DAY to pick up a Kindle copy of Storm Force for 99 cents.

Okay, next on the agenda is…Scene Snippet Time! I’m heavily engrossed in Penton 4, which is why I’m pretty much MIA online right now. But here’s a small bite, and a brief intro to Fen Patrick, a former acquaintance of Cage’s newly arrived in Penton.

Melissa had heard only that Cage had spent a lot of time in military duty, and had always wondered how he managed that as a vampire. He couldn’t exactly operate in the normal armed forces and be unaccounted for during daylight hours.

But Fen kept mentioning night raids and forays into foreign villages full of alcohol and available women. Finally, Melissa couldn’t stand it any longer. “Exactly whose army were you in?”

It was Fen who answered. “Our own army, darlin’.”

Ah….yes, Cage has a shadowy past. 
Now…did you win a book this week? You know the drill. If you see your name, please email me HERE with the relevant info. 
[By the way, someone asked this week how I manage so many giveaways, and in the interest of full disclosure…the majority of books given away at Preternatura are purchased by me, even the ones I wrote. Occasionally, I will give away ARCs, and when that happens, these are books provided to me by the publisher at no cost, and only the shipping costs come out of my pocket. I would do more of these if I could figure out a way around the international shipping, since it can cost anywhere from US$20-$50 to mail a book to Europe. Sometimes a guest author sponsors his or her own giveaway, in which I get a financial reprieve. Needless to say, Preternatura is a HUGE part of my annual budget! So far, I’ve resisted monetizing the site and putting in advertising. I will continue this as long as I am able, but if you open your browser and see ads one of these days, you’ll know I finally had to cave in :-)]
KATHERINE W won the $10 GC for participating with author Brina Cary in Shop Talk this week. Let me know your choice of place for the GC. If you’re outside the US, please pick an equivalently priced book from Book Depository.
REBE won her choice of novels by Gabi Stevens. Format is up to you.
BOOK LADY won an ebook from Shelley Munro’s backlist. This contest was sponsored by Shelley (thanks, Shelley!), so you should hear directly from her.
MARIE CLAUDE won this week’s Readers Choice contest, and selected Bastion by Mercedes Lackey.
Come back tomorrow for a new (and infinitely smaller this week) Reader’s Choice contest!
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5 thoughts on “Weekly Winners, Online Classes and a Penton Scene Snipper

  1. Thanks for the scene snippet! I was really hoping you would go back to Penton and explore Cage. When are you thinking this one will release? Thanks again!

  2. What part of a snippet is a snipper? Go for the ads, most of them are interesting and informative. You should get something in return for all the work you put into the site. Your fans appreciate it.

    • Ha! It’s the part where the typist is going too fast and doesn’t proofread! I thought about changing it, but, you know, “snipper” has a fun ring to it 🙂

  3. Oh wow… Suzanne 🙂 You are like the most generous author/blogger around. Definitely appreciate all the great “snippers” and fun giveaways. Definitely agree with Roger and hope you know that you have diehard fans for life!