Meet the Underworld’s Secret Weapon with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (and Giveaway!)

Today, please help me welcome author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom to Preternatura.  Linda’s latest release is Hot Holiday, which came out last Friday.  Hot Holiday is part of Linda’s Dark vs. Light series.
Linda is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author who loves more than anything to write, and believes she has a resident Muse who loudly sings all these stories to her. She swears she has “paranormal” in her genes, and that all of her books come loaded with good karma for the readers, for helping to support her writing dreams.  You can learn more about Linda by visiting her website or by visiting her on Facebook. 
ABOUT HOT HOLIDAY:  The Dark Side has put out a hit on Santa Claus, and sent a Recruiter named Wanda to seal the deal. But Wanda might not be prepared for Santa’s hot, heavenly bodyguard…In the days leading up to Christmas, who would imagine that the Dark Side’s voluptuous secret weapon might meet her match in an . . . attorney?

And now, let’s hear from Linda…
“Kicking-A for the Dark Side: an interview with the Underworld’s secret weapon.”
By Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Hello bloggsters! I’m Linda, author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Dorchester, Amazon Montlake, and Harlequin Nocturne . . . here today to introduce someone special for a quick interview (since, trust me,  it’s too dangerous to be on her radar for long). She chose me for this introduction because of my new Dark vs. Light series, and decided to tell me a story of her own, now chronicled in “Hot Holiday,”a novella just released online.  We have to be quick, because things have a way of heating up.

Please welcome Wanda,star of “Hot Holiday.” (cue to clap hands).

Name: Wanda
Job: Recruiter, for the Dark Side.
Years on the job: five hundred.

Question: “Wanda, please give us a brief job description for ‘Recruiter.’”
Answer: I find the souls on my “take down” list, and then take then down.
Question: “Down, as in . . . below ground?”
Answer: “Way down, all the way to the Underworld, where they atone for their earthy sins.”
Question: “Are you good at your job?”
Answer: “Very good.” (she smiles).

Here is where my face pales . . . and I add an aside for those of you reading this.

Recruiters like Wanda have an agenda for being very good at “Recruiting” souls of the Dark Side. Most of the Underworld knows that in order to remain on the earth plane, with breezes and plenty of scenery, a Recruiter has to be the best at what he/she does. Which means that she/he has to be really bad news for everyone else.
Wanda (of no last name)  has to check off the souls on her list and toss their sorry asses into the bottomless pit of unholy fires, where they will perpetually atone for their sins. This gig was how she atones for hers.
The job can be quite profitable, actually, as far as Underworld appointments went, she told me. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess of the seventh layer of the Seventh Seal of Hades?
Who wouldn’t want to have a perfect female assembly, with molecules rearrangeable according to whim?
Be successful, intelligent, and deadly?
Have a cushy Manhattan apartment.
Wardrobe to die for.

*But . . . Wanda had a hiccup in her giddyup recently, when the target she was given was a real celebrity. The biggest. An icon. That name on her take down list was none other than Santa Claus.
Yes. THE Santa Claus.
And for the first time Wanda’s history, she met a male who was her match, in Santa’s bodyguard, a being going by the name of Cameron Kent.

Question: “Wanda, can you give readers a hint of the story behind your meeting with Kent, and how going after Santa went down?”

(This flusters Wanda a bit . . . an anomaly, I’m sure).

Answer:  “Cameron Kent wasn’t what he appeared to be. No mere mortal can look me in the eye and survive the Fall. Kent was . . . is . . . special, and  . . . “

(Words fail Wanda. The heating up process begins, and I have to close this interview down or I’ll need a burn ward)

Readers can find out about Cameron Kent in Wanda’s story “Hot Holiday,” and understand why the Dark Side’s secret weapon met her match . . . in an otherworldly attorney.

That’s all for now, folks. Have to get some ice. I’ve heard a rumor that the Dark Side has gotten hold of Santa’s Naughty List . . . and I want t make sure I’m not on it.

Please do read “Hot Holiday.” Really, would you want to piss Wanda off? (*smiley face*)

If you like your holiday reading fare not too dark, very quirky, and with a hefty dose of twist, this story is for you. I’ll share the beautiful cover in this post, and hope to meet you in the comments section.

*It’s the season of giving: I’m giving away a copy of a book/novella from my backlist by download from Amazon to one lucky commenter. Wanda might even stick around to answer a question or two.

Cheers for now-
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Thanks, Linda!!  As always, you must leave a comment to be entered to win. Do you have a favorite holiday paranormal? (Doesn’t have to be Christmas!) The first one that comes to mind for me, other than my Christmas in Dogtown, of course, is Laura Kaye’s North of Need, which was set around Christmas time.

24 thoughts on “Meet the Underworld’s Secret Weapon with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (and Giveaway!)

  1. Oh yes north of need was excellent and i did share a tear but the magic athmosphere was perfect. i love some anthology with novella for the holidays like the one by jeaniene frost ” the bite before christmas”

    • Hi Miki. I was in an antho recently of paranormal romance holiday stories. Have you checked out HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE 4? My novella is “Bright Star.” Just sayin…. LOL
      Hi there!

    • ii will have to see then yes just need it to be in print and available for my country but i’m definitively interested
      ( and i didn’t cited christmas in dogtown since it was so eveident for me^^)

  2. Christine Feehan has a novel where all her Carpathian couples get together to celebrate Christmas. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the interview with Wanda very much.

    • Thanks, Liz. I love novellas. Just a bite, right? These are fairly long, not short stories by any means, so you can dig those fangs into them. And Urban Fantasy has become my favorite genre, since we can tweak it all we want to, for any holiday that arises. LOL

  3. Christine Feehan’s Dark Celebration is my favorite holiday paranormal. Wanda in Hot Holiday sounds like a fascinating character and I look forward to reading about her hit on Santa Claus.

  4. FROM WANDA: Listen up, readers. I have Santa’s NAUGHTY list in my feverish little hands, and I’m checking it twice to find out who actually goes for this book. PLease add the story to your TBR list on GoodReads to share the word. Please get the novella and see what I’m up to. Or I will get you .. and your little dog, too. *smiles wickedly*

  5. I’ve read two wonderful holiday paranormals recently that I would re-read again: A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear and Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion! Both were fabulous paranormal reads! thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My favorite Christmas paranormal is The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It is the first and a very well known classics with ghosts and supernatural of learning what spirit of Christmas is about.

  7. This sounds like an awesome read! I love your Nocturne books! The only holiday one I can think of at the moment is North of Need. I know I’ve read more but my minds just blank. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dear Vamped Chick…. thanks for reading my Nocturnes. I just love writing those. Turned one in three weeks ago, and have another one due early next year. “Immortal Obsession” will be out in September. Looking forward to that. Happy Wednesday to you!!