Weekly Winners X 2 and a Scene Snippet Too

Blogger is behaving badly, so we’ll see if we can get this up and going. I’m currently on the hunt for someone to handle the consolidation and migration of my three sites, so I hope by the new year things will be less scattered!

First, let me get this out of my system….Holy crap! Auburn’s going to the national championship game! We were 3-8 last year, 0-8 in conference play. Okay, I’m done. No more football.

A few notes….I’m participating in a couple of big holiday giveaways. My home chapter of RWA, Southern Magic, has a 34-book giveaway ongoing so click over for details!  Bewitching Book Tours ginormous Hot Holiday Giveaway is also in full swing. You can see the prizes below…

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Next up, holy cow, is it almost the middle of December already? That means, for me, no day job between December 21 and January 6. Huzzah! 

Thanks to those of you who’ve preordered CHENOIRE, a story that my alter ego Susannah stole from me, rewrote, and slapped her name on. I always have loved that story and am very happy that it’s getting new life with the new StoryFront imprint. I’d categorize it as a sweet paranormal. It will be officially released on December 18 for Kindle only (sorry, folks, but I have no control over such things) at $1.99.

And…Lovely, Dark, and Deep is also now available for preorder! You can read a scene snippet below, and I want to extend a deepfelt thanks to those of you who gave up part of your Sunday last week to read a sample couple of chapters and provide some feedback. There were a few of you who stepped up after I had sent out my five samples, but I’ve kept everyone’s name and will hit you up next time (next up, in January, will be sample reads from PIRATE’S ALLEY, the fourth Sentinels of New Orleans book!).

So, here’s the scoop on Lovely, Dark, and Deep. It will begin its eight-week run as a serial novel beginning December 30.  As with all serial novels from my publisher, it will be a $1.99 one-time cost, which includes all episodes (I know some publishers are charging by the episode, but that’s not the case here). So if you don’t like to read serials, it’ll save you money to order the serial, let it download for eight weeks, and then read it once it’s done. After that eight-week run, it will be available as a full novel in both digital and print but at a higher price point. 

Although there’s a mystical element to it, I should add the disclaimer here that LDD, as I call it, is NOT a paranormal. I would categorize it as a romantic thriller, or a thriller with strong romantic elements. 

I have a snippet from LDD below, but first, I have not one, but TWO weeks’ worth of winners to announce. If you see your name here, please contact me at this email address with your info. I’ve made a lot of headway with my mailing backlog, and will be trying to wrap it all up before going on holiday break on December 20. Note that book tour posts usually have Rafflecopter prizes and their own deadlines, so you’ll be contacted directly by the author or tour promoter if you have won one of those. Now….

KAI won a book from my TBR heap for commenting on the Anne Lippin shapeshifter post. Let me know your physical mailing address and preferred genres–I’ll try to match if I can!

JUNE M won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway, and chose Sylvia Day’s Spellbound. Choice of ebook or print. 

From the great lost week before Thanksgiving….

JESS1 won the box o mystery books for commenting on the love of our pets. These are print books; please let me know your preferred genre(s). I can’t promise to hit it but will try.

CYNTHIA YOUNG won a copy of Barbara Monajem’s Under a Christmas Spell. This is for an ebook.

THE BOOK LADY won the week’s Reader’s Choice contest and selected Accidentally Married to a Vampire.

Now for a quick peek at Lovely, Dark and Deep….when Shane first meets Gillian. (Note: this is promo art I developed for the blog and is not the book cover. I hope to spring that on you next week!)

       He wasn’t sure what woke him, but the first thing Shane Burke saw when he cracked open his eyelids was the bottle of Jack Daniels, tipped over and resting on its side. He could’ve sworn he finished it off last night but there was at least an inch of rich amber liquid still resting inside.
       Good. Now he had breakfast.
       The second thing he saw was a great pair of legs. Well, technically, a great pair of ankles above a pair of leather sandals, and then the legs.
       Obviously, he was starting his Saturday morning with hallucinations.
       Only one good solution for that. He dangled an arm off the side of his bed and almost had his fingers wrapped around the neck of the bottle when one of the leather sandals kicked the bottle under the bed, clipping his knuckles in the process.
       “Ow.” Since when did hallucinations take his booze and kick him in the knuckles? 

Happy Sunday! See you tomorrow with a new Reader’s Choice giveaway.

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  1. Ha! I’m glad someone is enjoying Auburn’s win. There’s no celebrating at our house since the hubs is a big Missouri fan. He was pretty depressed after the game, but you know, there’s always next year.

  2. Congrats to all winners!

    so glad you get some holidays from teh day job!!it’s more than deserved ( but i’m sure you will still be busy with al the deadline^^)

    i really love the cover you made for the thriller, i hope the official oen will be as good. yuou can count on me!

  3. Wow, thanks for the mystery box of books! Will send an email to you. Hope you enjoy your time off!