New Releases January 18—January 24 and Readers Choice C*ntest

A welcome “catch your breath” week for new releases.  Only six on the list this week.  Have no fear, the last week of this month and the first week of February promise to deliver a ton of new books. 
What do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too. 
Dark Bites (Dream-Hunter #1), by Sherrilyn Kenyon, (January 21, St. Martin’s Press)
For years, eager fans have been clamoring for an all-in-one collection of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novellas. At their enthusiastic behest, we have delivered this brand-new short story collection, including stories previously exclusive to Sherrilyn’s website, as well as an all-new, never-before seen story. Sherrilyn Kenyon takes readers from the Dark-Hunters to the demigods, from Dream-Hunters to demons, and everything in between. Dangerous and exciting, each story is one thrill ride after the next, proving time and again how Sherrilyn has captivated millions of readers worldwide. Now, readers are invited to go deep into Kenyon’s rich and imaginative world and experience the heart-racing moments that never stop coming, 
Dirty Magic (The Prospero’s War #1), by Jaye Wells, (January 21, Orbit)
The last thing patrol cop Kate Prospero expected to find on her nightly rounds was a werewolf covered in the blood of his latest victim. She also didn’t expect that shooting him would land her in the crosshairs of a Magic Enforcement Agency task force. The more Prospero learns about the dangerous new potion the MEA is investigating, the more she’s convinced that earning a spot on their task force is the career break she’s been wanting. Getting the assignment proves much easier than solving the case. Especially once the investigation reveals their lead suspect is the man she walked away from ten years earlier. Kate Prospero’s about to learn the hard way that crossing a wizard will always get you burned, and that when it comes to magic, you should never say never. 
Halo: Mortal Dictata (Halo #12), by Karen Traviss, (January 21, Tor)
With the Covenant War over, the Office of Naval Intelligence faces old grievances rising again to threaten Earth. The angry, bitter colonies, still with scores to settle from the insurrection put on hold for thirty years, want justice, and so does a man whose life was torn apart by ONI when his daughter was abducted for the SPARTAN-II program.  Black ops squad Kilo-Five find their loyalties tested beyond breaking point when the father of their Spartan comrade, still searching for the truth about her disappearance, prepares to glass Earth’s cities to get an answer. How far will Kilo-Five go to stop him? And will he be able to live with the truth when he finds it? The painful answer lies with a man long dead, and a conscience that still survives in the most unlikely, undiscovered place. 
The Wrath of a Shipless Pirate (The Godlanders War #2), by Aaron Pogue, (January 21, 47North)
Foully betrayed and left to die alone in the tomb of a dead god, Corin Hugh has emerged victorious from an unexpected quest, hungry for revenge and sporting strange new powers. His arch-enemy and betrayer, Ethan Blake, has left his “civilian” days behind and resumed his position as the tyrant Vestossis, a powerful, and seemingly untouchable, member of the mighty ruling family. Corin is soon joined in his quest by a beautiful and mysterious druid named Aemelia, who possesses otherworldly powers of her own, and, strangely, seems to know Corin better than he knows himself. The two unlikely heroes must combine their powers and, ultimately, learn to trust one another as they race against time itself in an epic battle for freedom and good. 
Jo Walton is both an inveterate reader of SF and fantasy, and a chronic re-reader of books. In 2008 asked Walton to blog regularly about her re-reading, about all kinds of older fantasy and SF, ranging from acknowledged classics, to guilty pleasures, to forgotten oddities and gems. Among Walton’s many subjects here are the Zones of Thought novels of Vernor Vinge; the question of what genre readers mean by “mainstream”; the underappreciated SF adventures of C. J. Cherryh; the field’s many approaches to time travel; the masterful science fiction of Samuel R. Delany; Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children; the early Hainish novels of Ursula K. Le Guin; and a Robert A. Heinlein novel you have most certainly never read. 
Fragile Spirits (Souls #2), by Mary Lindsey, (January 23, Philomel)
Paul has always known he was a Protector, fated to serve a Speaker who could hear the voices of spirits lingering after death and help those souls find peace. Vivienne ignores the voices of the dead. Paul has always followed the Protector’s rule book, preparing diligently for the day when he’d be matched with his Speaker and fulfill his destiny. Vivienne never does what she’s told. So when Paul is matched with Vivienne, they both find the pairing less than satisfactory. But a kidnapping, a malevolent spirit and power stronger than both of them may just prove that they are two halves of the same whole.
The small print: This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info. 

Now….go forth and tell me what you want to read!

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  1. What Makes This Book So Great, by Jo Walton. Even though I know it will add a lot of books to my TBR pile!

  2. I haven’t read any of Jayne Wells’ books. Dirty Magic would be a great introduction to her books. Thanks for giveaway.

  3. I would love to read Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells. I am a fan of her Sabina Kane series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Thanks for another great list, however short it might be. My pick would be Dark Bites by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Sounds pretty darn good. Thanks again

  5. I am a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon and would love to win Dark Bites. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Here is another big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon 😀
    I love,love,love Dark Hunter Series,it’s my number 1 favorite series,and I would be very,very happy if I win Dark Bites,or maybe Styxx 😀 (hi is my hero) 🙂

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  7. Yay, you guys found the blog! Good list this week, even though it was short, I agree.

    In the “better late than never” department, I’ll have weekly winner announcements tomorrow 🙂

  8. Dirty Magic. I already have all of Sherri’s novellas/short stories. 😉

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  10. I’ve been waiting for Jo Walton’s book forever. What makes this book so great for my choice. Lovely new site. Thanks for the giveaway.