Want to Spend a Long, Warm Night with Jean Lafitte? Well, Duh.

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So, want Jean Lafitte to keep you warm? I think one of my favorite scenes with Jean came in RIVER ROAD, when he steals the Corvette and DJ finally realizes he’s stolen it–and DJ makes Jean talk to a fuming “Monsieur Chien” on the cell phone! It still makes me chuckle πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Want to Spend a Long, Warm Night with Jean Lafitte? Well, Duh.

  1. My favorite scene with Jean is in Elysian Fields, Old Barataria, Grand Terre, after DJ and Rand transported there. When DJ got dressed in “Very 1815 haute couture”.

  2. I’m in the Elysian Fields camp, too, although my favorite scene is when Jean tells Jake to leave the room, and then explains to DJ how Jake’s mind works. I absolutely loved seeing Jean as the commander in chief…though the bit about dressing DJ up as a 19th century babe was pretty cool, too.
    I. Want. That. Blanket.
    (And I should be on your newsletter list from yesterday.)

    • Gotcha, Liv! Yes, I liked that scene a lot, too. It was fun to write Jean in his element and have him understand things DJ doesn’t since she’s always introducing him to weirdness in the modern world πŸ™‚

  3. Well, any scene with Jean is great, but I loved the first scene with him, because I knew he’d be something great!

  4. O_O LOVELY!!!!!!! can’t resist
    favourite scene how my so many^^ let see hum the one in teh short story when he wants to buy cat? now i think it’s the one in elysian fields when he welcome Dj to his home and especially when he promises to let “le chien” knows she is there and save….. i can’t resist smiling even now when we learn how he transmitted the message ( and what the message said)

    you really have some great idea for swag Suzanne

  5. Love that scene and yes, I still chuckle when I think about it too.

    Would love to be signed up for the new newsletter.

    mammy4423 @yahoo. com

  6. I love the scene in his fancy hotelroom, where he tries to seduce her, and DJ holds him off …
    And of course when she first meets him, and sends him back to Old Orleans.
    auriansbooks at gmail dot com