Serial Killers? Writing a Serial Novel

Just a quick note today.

First, I’m with Heidi over at Rainy Day Ramblings today, talking about serial novels. I’m giving away a print, audio, or digital copy of Storm Force–your choice. It’s a standalone very loosely tied to the Penton series, but two of its characters, Nik and Robin, will appear in Allegiance (Penton #4) in June. Already have Storm Force? You can substitute any of my books, or I’ll supply a mystery book for you.

Also, a little hint at DJ’s state of mind in Pirate’s Alley? Here’s her new ringtone. I think our girl is getting fed up! [Language alert: you have been warned!]

3 thoughts on “Serial Killers? Writing a Serial Novel

    • LOL. Yep, she’s pretty tired of being used as a pawn by…just about everybody. When the person with the purest agenda is Jean Lafitte, well, it’s not a good thing 🙂

  1. My friend’s kid love All I Wanna to Do by Sheryl Crow. I got so sick of it after listening for 2 hours. I couldn’t insult my friend to play something else.