DJ Gets a Dress Fitting!

Today, DJ is taking part in author Sophie Avett’s tour for her new paranormal romance, Twas the Darkest Night, which came out on March 10. Her Sinister Witches who Stitch graciously offered to create a special evening dress for DJ, you know, for when Jean Lafitte, er, I mean Alex, takes her out to fancy dinners. Oh, right. Alex doesn’t do fancy dinners. So she’ll be going with the pirate. (Never mind that DJ doesn’t normally do fancy dinners either.)

So what kind of dress would the sinister stitching witches make for our favorite little blond wizard? Well, first DJ had to fill out a questionnaire for the witches, and then wait a few weeks while her dress was being stitched. Now, she’s over at Shut Up and Read today for her final fitting.

DJ thinks it is a VERY cool dress and she wants it, precioussss….even if it means dinner in the Beyond with a sexy pirate. Although once Alex has a look at DJ in this dress, he might just put on a suit and take the girl out dancing. What do you think? Would this be a good look for DJ? Would she EVER wear her hair up like that?

Leave a comment over there and I’ll put you in the running for a $5 Amazon GC or a copy of Sophie’s new book…take your pick! You can also enter for some very cool tour prizes while you’re there.

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13 thoughts on “DJ Gets a Dress Fitting!

  1. not what i had in mind but it well tjhought and lovely. Now for the hair i would have picked something different but i can’t decide what, i just don’t see DJ with that hair style

  2. I think DJ’s dress is beautiful and her hair is lovely. This is an elegant look for a special night on the town. By the way, I would be interested in finding a shop like Sinister Sisters where “each garment magically tailors itself to its wearer”.

  3. First of all, look at all the chocolate that’s being had without me!? (lol) Second, really? The hair? What kind hair do we see? Down and wavy? I’m so very serious when I say the witches love feedback and no one knows DJ better than you guys. I’d definitely like to have some notes for the witches if/when DJ shop come back for another outfit. 🙂

  4. Lovely post Suzanne. I really enjoyed reading it, and the dress and hairstyle are both gorgeous. Jean Lafitte will fall all over himself escorting her around the Beyond.
    Sophie, after reading this, I will have to read your books. Thank you!

    • Hi Xaurianx! The pixies are so happy to hear that! I’m so pleased that enjoyed DJ’s dress and hair style. I think just about any man would trip over himself in the face of the purple glory! (lol) Oh, and before I forget, if you’d like a free copy of TDN, please feel free to email me at sophieavett AT gmail DOT com. I’ll strap it to the nearest carrier pigeon! 🙂

  5. Just saw the gorgeous dress and elegant hairdo. I love the multi-colored blues, purples in the dress, and her hair looks so beautiful.

    • Merry met, Jess1: the witches are so pleased to hear that you liked the dress and the hair. They had a blast with DJ and we do hope she comes back for another dress soon! (Oh, and yes–the colors are absolutely gorgeous. I kind of like the DJ’s (the model’s) “fuck all” attitude, too.) Thank you so much for stopping by and weighing on in. You girls are making my week. 🙂

  6. Love the dress, but I think the best part are the Ear-wings! Brilliant! Anxiously awaiting DJ’s newest book! 🙂

    • Greetings Dawn! Re Ear-wings — Oh! I’m so glad you mentioned them! You’re the first girl so far to comment on the earrings. I thought those were a wonderful touch! (I swear, I want to drown the witches in a boiling cauldron most days–but by the gods, they do good work! (lol)) Thank you so much for stopping by and adding your chocolate to our candy dish! 🙂 If you’re interested, I am giving away free copies of TDN until March 31st to all the witches who comment. Send me an email at sophieavett AT gmail DOT com and I’ll have the pixies strap to the nearest bird. (Oh! And everyone is waiting for DJ’s new book. EVERYONE! In other words, HURRY up, Suzanne. Cake is a wasting…)