Scene-Snippet Sunday and HUGE Mother’s Day Sale!

First, Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there, or folks with moms. Whether they’re still with us or not, they’re always in our hearts.

Next, a quick sale note: Today only, Amazon has the ENTIRE Penton series and Storm Force and Lovely, Dark, and Deep–all my Susannah Sandlin titles, in other words, for $1.99 for Kindle. If you haven’t caught up with Penton and want to do so before the June 10 release of Allegiance, now’s the time to get them! Remember, Kindle books make great gifts and can be read on the free Kindle app on almost any iPad, iPhone, PC or tablet. I read mine on my Nexus tablet all the time.

Use these links to avoid having to navigate Amazon’s sale page:

, , , , .

Next up, I’m looking for five SAMPLE CHAPTER READERS of my current work-in-progress. It has no title yet but is the second in the Collectors series. It’s three chapters and I’m just looking for general feedback. First five to email me gets to read:

How about a deleted scene from Elysian Fields? If you subscribe to my newsletter (tab is at the top of this page), you got a chance to read these last week. If not, here’s the scoop: The original opening chapter of Elysian Fields changed quite a bit through the editing and revision process, which isn’t unusual. I still like those original first scenes, though, so I’m glad I hung onto them in my “AXED” folder. It’s kind of long for a cut-and-paste, so you can read it by clicking on the WORKSHOP tab at the top of the page. Yes, it’s hiding in plain sight!

Now…did you win a book this week? Check back later today, and I will post the winners. In the meantime, I have an 88-year-old mom who needs to be wished a Happy Mother’s Day!




Okay, back again adding on now…..if you see your name here, please email me at with the pertinent info….

DENISE Z won your choice of books in Naima Simone’s Secrets and Sins series (the new one, Raphael, is book three). These are digital, so I’ll need your preferred format.

DHOLCOMB1 won the $5 gift card from Patricia Burroughs.

SONJA won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway, and chose Gini Koch’s Alien Collective. Choice of print or digital.

KIPHA won the $5 Amazon GC for commenting on the Lady Scribes blog this week. Need a preferred email, please.

That’s it for now…We’ll have a new Reader’s Choice Award up tomorrow, and the rest of the week, look for guest blogs from DJ, Alex, Rene and, yes, Jean Lafitte, live from New Orleans! They will probably be posting late, though, so be patient with them.

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4 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and HUGE Mother’s Day Sale!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and future ones^^
    Getting the penton and the collectors as a gift is a great idea ( for those who would be behind^^)
    i love discovering how a book changed so thank you for sharing the scene with us Suzanne.
    i hope you will enjoy a great quiet time with your mother today ( i’m taking mine to the restaurant)