Jean Lafitte Cleans Up His Act: A soapy #giveaway

Not much going on in Suzannelandia right now except the usual snake-pit, er, I mean day-job insanity. You can find me, along with a giveaway, visiting with Stella at the Ex Libris site today. I’m nattering on about vampires and which vampire conventions I decided to keep and which to abandon for the Penton series. Did I mention a giveaway? There’s also a spotlight over at Butterfly-O-Meter, where you can enter again today for the tour-wide prizes.

BUT…I found the coolest thing, and I got two of them to share with two of you today. Jean Lafitte soap! Seriously, who knew? I wonder if the historically undead pirate shouldn’t start merchandising his own Jean Lafitte paraphernalia in New Orleans…oh, I’m so going to use that idea. You saw it here first. Anyway, this is handmade soap from Sweet Olive Soapworks, located in New Orleans. I am seriously addicted to their honeysuckle products.

So, to win one of these special beauties, answer this, me hearties. Would Jean Lafitte make a good romantic partner for DJ? Why or why not?

soap front

17 thoughts on “Jean Lafitte Cleans Up His Act: A soapy #giveaway

  1. I think they’d have a great time together, but for the long term, DJ needs more “normal”

  2. I think they could have fun but she needs someone alive for the long term.

  3. Nope, he is too slippery. DJ needs someone who knows how to treat her right.

  4. I agree with all of the answers so far, DJ needs someone alive, more normal, and to be treated right.

  5. Can’t argue with the above answers; he would be fun for a fling, but not long term. Oh, but what a fling!

  6. I agree with the above. Short term fun, but DJ needs a live person in the long run. Love the soap! Jean will make a bundle of his products!

  7. He’d be a great fling but not a good boyfriend or long-term interest! He is still very traditional/old-school in his thoughts on ladies and DJ doesn’t need that holding her back!

  8. hum true the long term could be a problem if Dj and him doesn’t set the rules first but i don’t think he would cheat on her or anything he has hon,or after all
    but for sure i could imagine him starting a shop selling his “brand”^^ he would be displeased some would makeprofit on his back without him getting his part

  9. Thanks, Miki–yes, I didn’t realize that was running until a few minutes ago, so thanks for passing the link along.

    I think I hear a consensus on Jean. Short-term material, that’s our pirate. He’ll be terribly disappointed. LOL. I suspect nothing we say will influence him one way or another. The pirate does what he does. He is SO going to release his own merchandise, though. Rene will be willing to help out 🙂

  10. I agree on the short term but something that she shouldn’t pass up! She should enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. I really like Jean and he is super hot, but I really think that she needs someone who’s alive **LOL**. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  12. As charming as he is, I think she’d want someone a little…steadier. He’s good in a pinch, and a blast to hang out with, but I don’t think I’d rely on him for long-term relationship things.