The 4th of July Teaser to End All Teasers

Happy Fourth of July! I’m in and out today, but couldn’t resist a little holiday fireworks. Don’t hate me!

Scene: Pirate’s Alley, DJ and Jean….

“We are at a crossroads, you and I.” His voice was soft and deep, without a trace of its occasional smarminess or sarcasm. His mood was somber but no longer nervous.

I looked at this undead pirate who was causing me so much inner turmoil. Really looked at him. He bore the scars of the difficult life he’d led in his human years. His skin was tanned and smooth on his face but for the jagged scar across his jawline. But there were stress lines at the edges of his mouth. Deep blue eyes that conveyed so much, from arrogance to sincerity, but often distrust as well. Dark hair pulled back and tied with a leather cord. He was very handsome without a trace of prettiness. He had a mouth that could be cruel. A mind that was nimble and sharp as razor wire. A sense of values that were his own and no one else’s.

What did he see when he looked at me? A child, or a woman? A valuable ally? A potential lover? Or a means to an end?

Hate me yet? Fireworks!

8 thoughts on “The 4th of July Teaser to End All Teasers

  1. Ah Jean, what a life that privateer must have led. No matter how this ends, DJ does have a soft spot for him. Always a fan of these teasers. Thanks Suzanne.

  2. Yep, that’s some teaser. I love Jean, but I just don’t see a real future for DJ and Jean, ya know with him being dead and all.