New Releases January 17—January 23 and Readers Choice Contest

January has been a busy month for new releases and it continues this week with almost twenty more books on the list for your reading pleasure..

What do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too.

larrieuBroken Shadows (The Shadowminds #3), by A.J. Larrieu, (January 19, Carina Press)
Mina Tanner was once a converter, a human with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. After a vicious mental assault by an evil shadowmind stripped her of her powers, she was forced to flee her home to escape her attacker. She’s trying to start a new life in San Francisco. Jackson Herring, an old family friend and powerful converter, offers Mina his spare bedroom while she gets on her feet. Mina’s finding it difficult enough to adjust without a daily reminder of what she’s lost. When a mugger attacks her and she somehow burns his hands, Mina realizes that despite everything she’s lost, she may have gained something far more powerful, and dangerous, than she ever imagined. When the rest of the shadowmind community learns about it, Mina will find herself on the run once again. (ebook only)

meynardAngels & Exiles, by Yves Meynard, (January 20, ChiZine)
In these twelve sombre tales, ranging from baroque science fiction to bleak fantasy, Yves Meynard brings to life wonders and horrors. From space travelers who must rid themselves of the sins their souls accumulate in transit, to a young man whose love transcends time; from refugees in a frozen hold at the end of space, to a city drowning under the weight of its architectural prayer; from an alien Jerusalem that has corrupted the Earth, to a land still bleeding from the scars of a supernatural war; here are windows opened onto astonishing vistas, stories written with a scientist’s laser focus alloyed with a poet’s sensibilities.

moningBurned (Fever #7), by Karen Marie Moning, (January 20, Knopf)
MacKayla Lane would do anything to save the home she loves. A gifted sidhe-seer, she’s already fought and defeated the deadly Sinsar Dubh, an ancient book of terrible evil, yet its hold on her has never been stronger. When the wall that protected humans from the seductive, insatiable Fae was destroyed on Halloween, long-imprisoned immortals ravaged the planet. As the city heats up and the ice left by the Hoar Frost King melts, tempers flare, passions run red-hot, and dangerous lines get crossed. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal. In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth.

beaumanGlow, by Ned Beauman, (January 20, Knopf)
South London, May 2010: twenty-two-year-old Raf spends his days looking after Rose, a bull terrier who guards the transmitters for a pirate radio station, and his nights at raves in dingy warehouses and launderettes, where he first hears about the mysterious glow. When a good friend disappears without a trace, Raf’s efforts to find him will lead gradually and then suddenly right into the thick of a massive corporate conspiracy. And along the way, he falls in love with a stunningly beautiful young woman, only to discover that there is far more to Cherish than meets the eye. (U.S. Release)

smithInked, by Eric Smith, (January 20, Bloomsbury Spark)
Tattoos once were an act of rebellion. Now they decide your destiny the moment the magical Ink settles under your skin. Caenum can’t escape soon enough. He is ready to run from his family, and his best friend Dreya, and the home he has known, just to have a chance at a choice. When he upsets the very Scribe scheduled to give him his Ink on his eighteenth birthday, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that sends the corrupt, magic-fearing government, The Citadel, after him and those he loves. Now Caenum, Dreya, and their reluctant companion Kenzi must find their way to the Sanctuary, a secret town where those with the gift of magic are safe. They learn the truth behind Ink, its dark origins, and why they are the only ones who can stop the Citadel. (ebook only)

arnettPolaris (Avalon #2), by Mindee Arnett, (January 20, Balzer + Bray)
Jeth Seagrave and his crew are on the run. Jeth is desperate to find the resources and funding he needs to rescue his mother from an ITA’s research lab and leave this whole galaxy behind. The ITA is just as desperate, and soon Jeth finds himself pursued by a mysterious figure hell-bent on capturing Jeth and his crew, dead or alive. Jeth enters into a bargain with the last person he ever thought he’d see again: Dax Shepherd, the galaxy’s newest and most fearsome crime lord. Upon arriving back at Peltraz spaceport for the first time since he witnessed the death of his old employer, Jeth discovers Dax has a new partner: Jeth’s mother, Marian. Jeth has to once again ask himself how much he’s willing to invest in a morally bankrupt galaxy in the hopes of saving those he cares for.

blakeRipper (Hunter #1), by Lexi Blake, (January 20, DLZ Entertainment)
Kelsey Atwood is a private detective with a problem. She came from a family of hunters, growing up on the wrong side of the supernatural world. A young woman has gone missing, and she didn’t go willingly. When Kelsey discovers that the girl is actually a shifter, she knows she should drop the case and walk away. More females are missing and the evidence points to a legendary killer. Her case is becoming center stage for a conflict that could shatter the peace between wolves and vampires. She finds herself trapped between two men, Gray, a half-demon lawman, and the ancient vampire Marcus Vorenus. When a shocking secret about Kelsey’s family is revealed, it could ruin them all. She will have to embrace the truth about who, and what, she truly is.

oflahertyThe King of the Cracksmen: A Steampunk Entertainment, by Dennis O’Flaherty, (January 20, Night Shade)
The year is 1877. Automatons and steam-powered dirigible gunships have transformed the United States in the aftermath of the Civil War. All of the country’s land west of the Mississippi was sold to Russia nearly fifty years earlier. Lincoln is still president, having never been assassinated, but he’s not been seen for six months. The country is being run as a police state by his former secretary of war Edwin Stanton. Liam McCool is an outlaw, known among other crooks as “King of the Cracksmen.” McCool’s been trying to keeping the heat off him long enough to escape to San Francisco with his sweetheart Maggie. When she turns up murdered, McCool discovers a trail that looks to lead to the top of Stanton’s criminal organization.

isbellThe Prey (The Hatchery #1), by Tom Isbell, (January 20, Harper Teen)
Omega, they called that day. The end of the end. One enormous burst of electromagnetic radiation and everything that was even remotely electronic was fried to a crisp. The new government declared it the Republic of the True America, imposed martial law, and separated all survivors into settlement camps. Twenty years later, three sixteen-year-olds uncover the dark truth: All this time they’ve been labeled Less Thans. Feared by society, they’re being raised to be hunted for sport. Their only hope for survival is to escape with their friends. They search for the fabled new territory in a flight to freedom, with hunters and the government’s soldiers on their trail. Led by the unlikely Book and fearless Hope, these orphaned teens seek the best in themselves to fight the worst in their enemies.

temThe Yellow Wood, by Melanie Tem, (January 20, ChiZine)
For Alexandra Kove, the path of her life took her far from the claustrophobic forest where her father raised her. She believed that she had to escape, that her only road was away from the family and circumstances of her birth. Now, her road has turned back, converged with the paths of the family she thought was safely in her past.

swankThis is Your Destiny (A Curse Keepers Secret #3), by Denise Grover Swank, (January 20, 47North)
Collin Dailey is a trapped man: struggling to make a living as a fisherman, deep in debt to the gangster he does business with, and shackled to his destiny as a Curse Keeper. Sworn to guard the sealed portal to hell, Collin yearns to escape the dark duty that binds him. But his dream of outrunning his tormented life may be an impossible one. After all, he can’t turn his back on centuries of sacred tradition, or ignore his iron-fisted conjurer grandmother and her dire prophecies of a terrifying enemy bent on destroying him. When the fearsome creator god Ahone reaches out with a tempting offer, Collin may not be able to resist. If he breaks the curse that barricades the demon realm, he’ll be liberated forever, as long as he can survive a confrontation with his deadly counterpart. (ebook only)

greyThrough the Static, by Jeanette Grey, (January 20, Samhain)
When cybernetics researcher Aurelia Locke is attacked, she instantly recognizes her assailants as a Three, a mercenary unit made up of a trio of soldiers whose minds have been cybernetically linked. She escapes to an abandoned house, where she hacks its security system. Jinx is already on high alert when his Three notices something isn’t right with their safe house. He never expected to find a woman wounded and bleeding out in his own bed. Aurelia frees Jinx from his Three by severing his neural connection to them and tying his mind to hers. The power of their link shocks them both. Dangerous forces pursue them, intent on reclaiming Jinx and silencing Aurelia’s knowledge. Her only chance of saving him is to risk everything, her research, her heart, and her life. (ebook only)

adrianTunnel Vision, by Susan Adrian, (January 20, St. Martin’s Griffin)
Jake Lukin just turned 18. He’s being followed by a creep with a gun, and there’s a DARPA agent waiting in his bedroom. When Jake holds a personal object he has the ability to “tunnel” into the owner. He can sense where they are, like a human GPS, and can see, hear, and feel what they do. Jake promised his dad he’d never tell anyone about his ability. His dad died two years ago, and Jake slipped. If he doesn’t agree to help the government, his mother and sister may be in danger. Forced to lie to his friends and family, and then to choose whether to give up everything for their safety, Jake hopes the good he’s doing is worth it. Jake has to try to escape both good guys and bad guys and find a way to live his own life instead of tunneling through others.

bardsleyWinter Pack Rules: Captured by the Werewolf, by Michele Bardsley, (January 20, A Freeman Werewolf Romance Serial Publication)
Bo Brown is a Winter Pack werewolf who’s finally tracked down his missing sisters and mother to Wellsford, Oregon. He barely escapes getting trapped by the same sick bastards who’ve kidnapped his family, and takes refuge in the nearest hiding spot available. Avalina Shepard is a librarian and cat lover. Born and raised in the teeny tiny town of Wellsford, Ava loves darn near everything about small-town life, especially the lack of real crime. So she’s utterly shocked when she’s carjacked by a complete stranger. Bo needs Ava’s help. All he has to do is convince the beautiful, feisty human to help him save his family, before they become the prize trophies in a nefarious shifter hunt. (ebook only)

levineDamage: A Tor.Com Original, by David D. Levine, (January 21, Tor)
In the extremities of war, we may know what we’ve been, but not what we will become. “Damage” is a tale of desperate times, desperate measures, and the inner life of a fighter spacecraft. (ebook only)

tordayThe Dark Wild (The Last Wild #2), by Piers Torday, (January 22, Viking Juvenile)
Twelve-year-old Kester Jaynes thought he had discovered the last wild animals in the land. He thought his adventure was over. He was wrong. Below the sparkling city of Premium, deep underground, a dark wild remains: animals who believe the time is right to rise up against their human enemies. And soon Kester realizes: he is the only one who can stop them. Kester Jaynes saved the animals. Can he save the humans too? (U.S. Release)

paverThe Eye of the Falcon (Gods and Warriors #3), by Michelle Paver, January 22, Dial)
The eruption of the volcano has shrouded the sun in ash, and the harsh winter is never-ending. With no trace of his lost sister to be found, Hylas takes ship for Keftiu, to find Pirra and free her from captivity. But the Crows are also coming to Keftiu, led by the power-hungry Telamon. And Telamon knows what Hylas doesn’t: that in the chaos of the volcanic eruption, Pirra took the Crows’ prophesized dagger. Aided by Havoc, the lion cub, and Echo, a falcon of the Goddess, Hylas and Pirra will face the Crows once again, in a terrifying epic battle to save the land, or destroy it. (U.S. Release)

The small print: This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info.

Now….go forth and tell me what you want to read!

40 thoughts on “New Releases January 17—January 23 and Readers Choice Contest

  1. Burned (Fever #7), by Karen Marie Moning, would be my choice today. Thanks for the chance.

  2. sooo many good books! I like the sound of Ripper and Through the Static! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I would love to win a copy of Burned by Karen Marie Moning. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. I have been eagerly awaiting Burned by KMM, so would love to win a copy. Thank you for the chance.

  5. It’s finally here!!! Burned!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy. I’ve pre-ordered the ebook but I’d love a hard copy for the shelf. 😀

  6. I’ve been waiting for The King of the Cracksmen: A Steampunk Entertainment, by Dennis O’Flaherty, so that’s the one I’d choose. 😀

  7. Ripper was pre-ordered, so I’ll go with Burned. (BTW, anyone interested in Ripper should also read Lexi Blake’s Thieves series beginning with Steal the Light).

  8. I have been waiting for Yves Meynard’s Angels & Exiles for soem time now. The small little snippet the author released for the cover jacket has been stuck in my head for months, “We dream of angels, black as space, and wish they could return from the future to warn us of the dark years ahead. We who have forgotten our origin, exiles in a land we may have shaped with our own hands; we who struggle to find meaning in a world that only vouchsafes us deadly revelation; we wage war, for reasons now lost to us, and our hopes are as tenuous as the light of a single star.” I must read this book!

  9. Hi Suzanne! I can’t wait for the new book! I think that I will have to go for Burned or Ripper. As always, thanks for the contest.