Random Ramblings, Mermen, and Assorted Nonsense

First off, author Patricia Rosemoor and I are chatting with each other about writing and life and inspiration at Romance at Random today. Stop by if you get a chance!

I’ve begun doing a lot of sorting and reorganizing of computer files lately, as my day-job workplace is increasing security systems. I’m moving things to clouds and from clouds and it’s all pretty tiresome.

Except that I’m unearthing stuff I’d forgotten about. You know, like the first draft of the first scene of Royal Street. Am I going to run that here on the blog? As DJ would say, oh hell no. I did keep it in case times get hard and I need something to amuse myself with.

Speaking of bad writing, it brings me to this video that I have probably watched at least fifteen times and it is SO me. I mean, give the woman some geek glasses and call her by my name: Watch clip.

It’s from “Mike and Molly,” a show I have never watched, but I’m thinking maybe I should 🙂

Then, I found this mask picture. Rene wears it in BELLE CHASSE in the excerpt I ran last Sunday. I used to collect masks and have a couple of cool ones that I bought in Venice, Italy, when I was there for Carnivale a number of years ago. Those are THE coolest masks ever.

rene's mask





Then there was one of Tanker’s baby pictures. Well, this is when he was about a year old, which is when I found him. He quickly adapted from being a starving street stray to a pampered sofa-napping glutton, as you can tell. This sofa, already pretty worn, died a quick death shortly after this photo was made. I was at work, and Shane and Tanker had a party. The sofa, apparently, was their hors d’oeuvre. I came home to so much stuffing, it looked like it had snowed in my living room.









Here are some circa 1815 chairs I selected for Jean Lafitte’s dining room at his home in Barataria. Eagles!

1815 Eagle Back Dining Chairs, 1815







A shot of some of the land around Barataria, south of New Orleans, which Jean knew like the back of his hand, as the saying goes. Now, it’s, appropriately, the Jean Lafitte National Wildlife Preserve. I think he’d find that amusing.








Finally, a duplex that’s for sale near Fort Morgan, on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. My BFF and I drove down there in mid-November as a possible spot to move to once I (fingers crossed) leave the day job to write full-time in 2017. I decided I’d love being on the beach, but it had “hurricane fodder” written all over it. Tempting, though! Right now, I’m aiming my sights on Pensacola, Florida.

near Ft Morgan duplex

Thanks for rambling along with me today!





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6 thoughts on “Random Ramblings, Mermen, and Assorted Nonsense

  1. Enjoyed the Q&A at Romance at Random. Will need to check out Patricia’s books. I watch Mike & Molly, I’m a fan of situation comedies, many laughs. When I was in Venice, Navy days, I was fascinated by the blown glass.

  2. so you don’t plan to stay in teh same states^^ interesting to know ( thankfully i still have a few year before i need to change my address book^^)
    i never went to Venice but i do have lighter mask^^
    any international travel planned for this year? you told us once that day job made you do some in a precedent post

    • i did check and loved the exchange at Romance Random but i can’t comment there so i’m telling you here. you do convey emotions in a really great manner that make us feel for the characther deeply!

  3. Thanks for sharing the bits. I agree the house looks like hurricane fodder! Why Pensicola?

    • Enjoyed the Q&A with Patricia Rosemoor. All your plots have great suspense no matter what genre your writing. That’s what makes your books so much fun too read! Of course, wonderful characters too!

    • Enjoyed the Q&A with Patricia Rosemoor. All your plots have great suspense no matter what genre you’re writing. That’s what makes your books so much fun too read! Of course, wonderful characters too!