TBR-Toppling Thursday–Five Book #Giveaway

Here we go again!

In case you missed last week’s giveaway, my word for 2015 is “Simplify.” It means cutting things out of my life that cause me stress, at least when I can, making complex tasks simpler, and decluttering. My 500-plus title TBR pile is stressing me out, but I can’t throw books away (which is how I got in this shape to begin with), I think they’re wasted at places like Goodwill, where they languish for years. So I’m passing them on to you in hopes you’ll find something you want to read.

The ones you don’t want to read? Give them away, donate them (I’m in a small town and there aren’t many opportunities to donate here), or put them in a yard-sale pile.

Be warned—they’re in no order by genre or format or release date. I’m grabbing them in whatever order I find them, so you never know what will show up!

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment saying which of these books you’d read first!

nassiseBOOK 1:
KING OF THE DEAD (Jeremiah Hunt #2), by Joseph Nassise (Tor Books, Hardcover, November 2012).
Genre: Urban Fantasy. I’d really like to read this and its predecessor, Eyes to See, if only there were more hours in the day. The blurb:  In a devil’s deal, Jeremiah Hunt sacrificed his human sight in exchange for the power to see the hidden world of ghosts and all of the darker spirits that prowl the streets. Hunt uncovered a world of murder and magic that took his daughter from him and nearly cost him his life, but that was only the beginning…. Now Hunt is on the run from the FBI, who have pegged him as a mass-murdering dark sorcerer. His flight from the law is diverted to New Orleans when his companion, a potent witch, has a horrific vision of the city under magical siege. When they arrive, they realize that the situation is more dire than they could have imagined: the world of the living faces a terrifying attack by forces from beyond the grave.

stineBOOK 2:
DON’T STAY UP LATE: A Fear Street Novel, by RL Stine (St. Martin’s Griffin, Trade ARC, April 2015 release).
Genre: YA fantasy/horror. A sort of grownup book from the author of the Goosebumps children’s series. The blurb:  Ever since a car accident killed her father and put Lisa and her mother into the hospital, Lisa can’t think straight. She’s plagued by nightmares and hallucinations that force her to relive the accident over and over again in vivid detail. When Lisa finds out that a neighbor is looking for a babysitter for her young son, she takes the job immediately, eager to keep busy and shake these disturbing images from her head. But what promised to be an easy gig turns terrifying when Lisa begins to question exactly who — or what — she is babysitting.

resnickBOOK 3:
THE DOCTOR AND THE DINOSAURS (Weird West Tales #4), by Mike Resnick (Pyr, Trade Paperback, December 2013).
Genre: Steampunk/Weird West. This one sounds fun! The blurb:  The time is April, 1885. Doc Holliday lies in bed in a sanitarium in Leadville, Colorado, expecting never to leave his room again. But the medicine man and great chief Geronimo needs him for one last adventure. Renegade Comanche medicine men object to the newly-signed treaty with Theodore Roosevelt. They are venting their displeasure on two white men who are desecrating tribal territory in Wyoming. Geronimo must protect the men or renege on his agreement with Roosevelt. He offers Doc one year of restored health in exchange for taking on this mission. Welcome to the birth of American paleontology, spearheaded by two brilliant men, Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, two men whose genius is only exceeded by their hatred for each other’s guts. Now, with the aid of Theodore Roosevelt, Cole Younger, and Buffalo Bill Cody, Doc Holliday must save Cope and Marsh not only from the Comanches, not only from living, breathing dinosaurs, but from each other. And that won’t be easy.

adrianBOOK 4:
TUNNEL VISION, by Susan Adrian (St. Martin’s, Hardcover, January 2015).
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy. Hot off the presses! A debut book from a debut author with early good reviews. The blurb:  Jake Lukin just turned 18. He’s decent at tennis and Halo, and waiting to hear on his app to Stanford. But he’s also being followed by a creep with a gun, and there’s a DARPA agent waiting in his bedroom. His secret is blown. When Jake holds a personal object, like a pet rock or a ring, he has the ability to “tunnel” into the owner. He can sense where they are, like a human GPS, and can see, hear, and feel what they do. It’s an ability the government would do anything to possess: a perfect surveillance unit who could locate fugitives, spies, or terrorists with a single touch. Jake promised his dad he’d never tell anyone about his ability. But his dad died two years ago, and Jake slipped. If he doesn’t agree to help the government, his mother and sister may be in danger. Suddenly he’s juggling high school, tennis tryouts, flirting with Rachel Watkins, and work as a government asset, complete with 24-hour bodyguards. Forced to lie to his friends and family, and then to choose whether to give up everything for their safety, Jake hopes the good he’s doing—finding kidnap victims and hostages, and tracking down terrorists—is worth it. But he starts to suspect the good guys may not be so good after all. With Rachel’s help, Jake has to try to escape both good guys and bad guys and find a way to live his own life instead of tunneling through others.

willisBOOK 5:
DOOMSDAY BOOK, by Connie Willis (Science Fiction Book Club 50th Anniversary Collection edition, first published 1992). Genre: Time Travel. A classic, this one. Time…time…This one has some wear on the dust jacket. The blurb:  In the year 2054, students research the past by living in it. So when Kivrin Engle, a history student at Oxford, enters Brasenose College’s time machine for transport back to 1320s England, no one anticipates any problems. But her two-week project takes a frightening turn. A mutant virus has been spreading through Oxford, and Kivrin arrives in the past delirious with fever. She is found and taken to a manor house, and when she recovers, she can no longer locate the time machine rendezvous point. As Kivrin struggles to adjust to a past that’s not quite what she expected, a past where the Black Death is beginning to ravage a mystified, terrified population. With the only people who know where she’s gone seriously ill themselves, will Kivrin ever find her way back to the future? Or has she become a permanent exile in a deadly time?

So, which one most floats your boat? Leave your answer in a comment, and I will announce winners on Sunday!

24 thoughts on “TBR-Toppling Thursday–Five Book #Giveaway

  1. I would read KING OF THE DEAD (Jeremiah Hunt #2), by Joseph Nassise, first. New Orleans, a horrific vision of the city under magical siege. Who could past up that?

  2. The Doomsday Book by Willis, because she is a brilliant writer! And I certainly don’t mind wear on the dust jacket 🙂

  3. Lol I don’t want to read any of those ! I totally agree, get rid of those covers … So I guess if I won, I would gift them to Sullivan McPig who loves reading books I would not even pick up.

  4. Doctor and the Dinosaurs! Steampunk and dinosaurs in the old West…yes!!! (altho all of them except Stine’s look like I’d get lost in them)
    Can I come live in your TBR stacks? I won’t take up much space, and I’ll bring my own tea and teapot and cup and saucer for a proper cuppa (I’ll even bring a cup and saucer for you). 🙂

  5. LOL, PJ. Sure you can live in my TBR stacks if you promise to take all those books with you whenever you go out!

    I hadn’t thought about it, but this was a particularly “iffy” group of covers for me as well. The Nassise book jacket is pretty cool in person. The others are a little too cartoony for my personal taste.

  6. I really really REALLY want to read, Don’t Stay Up Late by R.L. Stine. I just finished his last book, Party Games, this morning.

  7. King of the Dead .. I have to say I would read Don’t stay Up Late I use to be a huge R.L. Stine fan