Hijacked! Sentinels Characters Take Charge of Blog

welcome-to-la 2As the signs on the interstate say, “Bienvenue en Louisiane”–and there’s been a peaceful coup.

DJ Jaco here. While Suzanne was off doing stuff and pretending her name was Susannah (seriously?), some friends and I staged a coup and locked her out of her office. Don’t worry–we didn’t hurt her. Much. Personally, I think she and Jean might have worked out some kind of private arrangement but some things you just don’t wanna know. TMI, right?

But here in New Orleans, aka the Big Sneezy this time of year, we’re in charge the rest of this month here at the blog. First thing we did–well, this was Rene’s idea–was get rid of that ugly-ass website design. I mean, holy crap, that thing sucked and was slow as a gator in swamp mud.

While we will honor some of the stuff she normally does–giving away books and such–you’ll also be visiting this month with me and some of my friends–Alex and Jean and Rene are all ready to go. Eugenie says maybe, but she’s kinda preoccupied right now. Rand is INSISTING that he get equal time, but yeah, well, we’ll see about that. Freaking elf.

So if you have questions for any of us, let us have ’em and sometime this month, whoever you asked your question to will answer you. Nothing’s off-limits *slaps Alex away* no matter what Alexander Basile Warin says. **Speaks to Alex: See, now you don’t have to worry that someone will ask your middle name and know you’re a wimp. It’s out there; deal.**

In the meantime, here are winners from last week. I’m up to my ears in political crap, so email Suzanne if you won: suzannej3523@gmail.com or use the contact form on the tab at the top of the page.

BONNIE G, you won the five-book TBR giveaway this week. Now that I’m in charge, I might give away TEN books this week. Heh.

SULLIVAN MCPIG, you won this week’s Reader’s Choice and picked the first book in Amy Bartol’s Kricket series.


Come on back tomorrow, when Alex will be hosting this week’s Reader’s Choice Giveaway, and he’s promised not to shoot anyone. Well, not a reader anyway. Jean’s on his own.

And ask us some questions!

A quick housekeeping note: if you subscribe to this blog via email, Rene asks if you’d mind letting us know if you got your email notification?

13 thoughts on “Hijacked! Sentinels Characters Take Charge of Blog

  1. Wonderful, looks like the new site updated nicely. Congrats to the book winners. Happy Easter.

  2. Looks great!! Love it that its been overtaken by some of my favorite characters!! Brilliant!!

  3. Love the new look! Downloaded very quickly. I did get the posting in my email today. Looking forward to character Q&A. Happy Easter!

  4. Fantastic new look! I received the email today and everything downloaded quickly. I’d love to hear about your “private arrangement” with Jean. Happy Easter!

  5. I received the notification and it charged wonderfully and what a program^^

    Let start with Alex ( i dobn’t want him to think we will take pity on him) What bargain did he strike with Sebastian now that they live together, does he accept to share the couch or the ” honeymoon” stopped and the dog is back ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy easter!