Talking Nerdy on a Friday

2014-01-30 12.50.53Just a quick update today.

First, I’m embracing my inner nerdy girl over at author Alex Hughes’ blog today, taking part in her “Talk Nerdy to Me” feature. I had so many nerdy options, from my passion for Early American Pattern Glass featuring animal motifs to the giant trunk of quilt fabric I have stashed away in my upstairs closet, but they asked for the art-supply obsession. So be prepared for a lot of obsessive photographs! Hope you have a chance to drop by!

There also are spotlight stops where you can enter for the tour prizes (at each stop) at: Geeks in High School and at Booklover Sue. No comments needed at spotlight stops–just enter the giveaway!

And now back to the day job…..

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8 thoughts on “Talking Nerdy on a Friday

  1. Loved the tour of your craft supplies! You even have more than I do and I thought I hoarded most of them! πŸ™‚

    • Oh don’t say the word “hoard”–I know one of these days I’ll end up on an episode of “Hoarders: Buried Alive.” They’ll find me beneath a collapsed mountain of Golden Fluid Acrylics πŸ™‚

    • LOL–it deserves its own blog post! I used to do a lot of paper-pieced quilting, before I started writing novels. That was my creative outlet. I made art quilt tops to sell and a friend and I would set up at craft shows and sold on eBay. Even thought I don’t have the time to quilt anymore right now, I can’t quite get rid of my fabric stash. It’s taking up the better part of a huge armoire.

      • I would also like to hear more about your quilting and the great stash of fabric. Love paper-piecing too! Did you save some of your quilts or did you sell them all?

  2. Thank you!!! i’m delighted to have gotten a sight of so many treasures and yes my stack seem ridicule as it stand inside one box only^^;; but you made make discovery so i will have to look for some and perhaps i will make you discover another oen ( or if you know it get your opinion on it)
    thank you!

    • I’m sure you can find a lot of things that we can’t find in the States. Actually, what’s ridiculous is my stash of supplies. Between art supplies and books, the second floor of my house might just collapse one of these days!

      • from your answer on the other post seems like you have more than me, thank you for the advice for the posca ( still need to get one at teh next convention) for ink pad we saw distressed one but that’s expensive i also saw versafine ( dry quicker than distress if i remember well what i was told so that’s for another range of job)do you know that one? would you try them ( and you prefer ink pad or marker?)
        ( in my case my first idea was not to be used on paper thus why teh posca are my first idea but i will try teh rest as well, i want to surprise you anyway)

        one day i will come with a huge luggage or art supply to exchange against one filled with books….one day^^