Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! It’s already hot as blazes down here in the  Southland. We haven’t tipped over 90 yet but it’s coming awfully close.

Let’s see…first up, a little sneak peek at next week. I have some special guests. Might be that I have an actual book review. On Wednesday, at the day job, I will be interviewing Amazon’s senior VP for international marketing and customer relations, which should be interesting.

cabin marsh

Today, though, I have a little snippet from my work-in-progress, a suspense story called Wild Man’s Bluff. This is from the prologue:

The bones said death was comin’, and the bones never lie.

Eva Savoie sat back in the rocking chair carved by her grandpere, and set it into motion on the uneven cypress-plank floor of her two-room cabin. Every rock back and forth caused that bad right knee to pop from the arthritis that had plagued her round about sixty years now.

Since the night the curse had passed from her parents onto her, along with that sinful box.

She’d turned seventy-eight yesterday, or was it eighty? She couldn’t remember anymore, and the bones said it didn’t matter. Perhaps her death would end the curse that had stalked the Savoies for three generations since that box was dug out of the Whisky Bayou mud. Maybe it would end with her.

On the scarred wooden table before Eva sat three burning candles that filled the room with the soft, soothing glow of melted tallow scented with the oil of the fragrant water lilies that bloomed back here in the bayou come spring. They sat on an ancient square of tanned hide passed down through generations of those blessed by the gods with the ability to throw the bones.

Chicken bones, yellowed and fragile, lay inside the circle of light cast by the candles. Daylight had come a few hours ago, but the cabin lay in its usual darkness.

Eva leaned forward, ignoring the stab of pain in her lower back. Since the first throw of the bones had yielded her sentence two days ago, she’d been cleaning. Scrubbing the ancient wooden floor. Washing the linens. Whoever come in to find her wouldn’t find a mess, not in Eva Savoie’s house. Part of her hoped the bones she’d thrown last night, once everything was clean as an old cabin could get, would read different.

But they read death again, and the bones never lie. She would die today. 

Hm…mysterious, eh? Set deep in the swamps of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

Now…did you win anything this week? If you see your name here, email me at with your mailing or email info, depending on whether you won/want digital or print.

SANDY G won the box o’ books for the “first car” giveaway on Friday. And I hope your Gremlin was more reliable than my Pacer.

ERIN F won a copy of Jeffe Kennedy’s TALON OF THE HAWK.

KARIN A won Tiffany Snow’s SHADOW OF A DOUBT in this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway. Choice of print or digital on this one.

Thanks to all of you who’ve entered the newsletter-only giveaway for the “Jean LaFeet” bag; I’m still getting some entries, so I will announce that winner next Sunday. I haven’t been able to acknowledge all the entries but rest assured I am getting them!

See you tomorrow for Reader’s Choice and the last couple of dates on the PIRATE’S ALLEY blog tour.

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5 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Creepy snippet, it gave me the chills, and got me really curious to read more!
    Congrats to this week’s winners. Have the ones for the May 2—May 8 week been announced anywhere? I think I missed it!

  2. Thanks for the snippet, always fun. Reading the bones, how unique. Hooked as usual.