The Celtic Wolves with Jan DeLima and Giveaway

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to fellow author, Jan DeLima. Jan is stopping by today as part of her virtual book tour celebrating her Celtic Wolves series. Celtic Moon was the first book in the series and was published on September 24, 2013 by Ace. Summer Moon is the second book in the series and was published on September 30, 2014 by Ace. Autumn Moon will be the third book in the series and is scheduled to be published on September 29, 2015 by Ace.

Jan DeLima is the author of the Celtic Wolves novels, including Summer Moon and Celtic Moon. She lives in Maine with her husband and their two sons. Unlike many authors, Jan didn’t pen stories at an early age, but she has always been a dedicated reader. She loves stories and storytelling. It wasn’t until after her children entered school that she began writing. Raised in a military family, she lived in different countries such as Thailand and Germany, but home base has always been Maine. You can learn more about Jan by visiting her website, on Facebook and by following her on Twitter.

9780425266205_large_Celtic_MoonABOUT CELTIC MOON: Like father, like son…Sophie Thibodeau has been on the run from the father of her son for more than fifteen years. Now her son, Joshua, is changing, and her greatest fears are about to be realized. He’s going to end up being just like his father—a man who can change into a wolf. Dylan Black has been hunting for Sophie since the night she ran from him—an obsession he cannot afford in the midst of an impending war. Dylan controls Rhuddin Village, an isolated town in Maine where he lives with an ancient Celtic tribe. One of the few of his clan who can still shift into a wolf, he must protect his people from the Guardians, vicious warriors who seek to destroy them. When Sophie and Dylan come together for the sake of their son, their reunion reignites the fierce passion they once shared. For the first time in years, Dylan’s lost family is within his grasp. But will he lose them all over again? Are Joshua and Sophie strong enough to fight alongside Dylan in battle? Nothing less than the fate of his tribe depends on it…

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SummerMoonLGABOUT SUMMER MOON: She won’t be ruled again……Rosa Alban has been obedient her entire life. But when her alpha husband dies, she seizes the opportunity to flee the oppressive Guardians—the rulers of the secret shapeshifter world. Her flight instantly brands her as a pack traitor, and she has no choice but to seek protection from a neighboring tribe by marrying one of their sons. Known as the Beast of Merin, Luc Black loyally plays the part of unwanted son and devoted brother. He realizes marrying Rosa will strengthen his tribe’s territory, but he has no intention of loving ever again. Still, he’s unprepared for the intense physical need the wild she-wolf awakens in him. When the Guardians hone in on Rosa, Luc must fight to protect his new bride. And as war descends, the unlikely allies discover their destinies are irrevocably entwined……

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AUTUMN MOON CoverABOUT AUTUMN MOON: The heart of a warrior, the soul of a wolf, and the desires of a man…For centuries, Cormack has lived between worlds—a man trapped in the body of a wolf, shunned by humans and shifters alike. Only one person has ever welcomed his company: Elen, a kindred outcast who is feared by others of her ancient Celtic race for her strange healing abilities. Cormack has always valued Elen’s kindness and understanding, but after a desperate act of friendship causes Elen to free him from his curse, he realizes he wants more. He wants all of her—completely and forever.Except before Cormack can win Elen’s heart, Pendaran, the evil leader of the Guardians, captures her, determined to manipulate her incredible power to aid him in his twisted war against the shapeshifting tribes. Now Cormack must use all of his skills as a warrior and a wolf to save the woman he loves—before Pendaran’s vile schemes destroy them all…

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And now, let’s hear from Jan…

The inspiration for the artwork in Summer Moon
By Jan DeLima

Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog, and for participating in my first blog jan_delimatour!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Celtic Wolves Series you need only imagine a world where the legends of Celtic lore still walk among us in secret. It’s a place where warriors are also wolves and reality isn’t always what it seems. Set in modern day, the stories are a mixture of both urban fantasy and romance. Written for adults, each installment has strong fantasy elements built around Celtic folklore, with a secondary romance between two new characters.

Luc Black, also known at the Beast of Merin, is a secondary character in Celtic Moon, the first book in the series, and the hero in Summer Moon, the second installment. Luc has remained loyal to his deceased wife, Koko, for over sixty years after her passing. That is until Rosa comes along and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Koko is the antagonist of Luc and Rosa’s love story, and I knew early on I needed to give her a voice. This was a challenge, because, well… she’s dead, and she remains deceased.

Koko’s character was also an artist, so the idea to write journal entries that included artwork seemed a natural way to bring her presence to the page. By giving her a voice I didn’t have to explain Luc’s actions, or his loyalty. Rest assured, Rosa poses a temptation for Luc—and he does fall.

From Summer Moon:SummerMoonArtCollage
Rising to a standing position, Luc kept his head bent in shame. “I want her,” he whispered to the woman who’d taught him how to love. “I’m sorry, Koko . . . I’ll never forget you. Never. But I ache for another and I don’t know how much longer I’ll last.”
The anguished plea eased his beast, knowing its master’s resolve was weakening to an instinct more powerful than honor.

There are only seven short journal entries in Summer Moon, and they are so minor compared to the rest of the story, but the reaction I’ve received from readers has been interesting. Perhaps because artwork isn’t often seen in paperback novels, I’m not sure. Some readers loved Koko and wanted more of her and Luc’s story, and some hated her. I love that a secondary character, and a deceased one at that, who hardly had any page space, created such passionate opinions.

kokosjournal_lastprayerAs you may have already guessed, the artwork included with the journal entries was drawn by me, using an assortment of mixed media, mostly colored pencils and watercolors. I was thrilled when I learned my publishing house wanted to include them in the book. You are welcome to browse Koko’s Journal on my website and read the full excerpts.

All my best,

Celtic Wolves Series Banner 851 x 315Thanks for being here today, Jan. We’ll be looking forward to the release of Autumn Moon in September.

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  1. i do have this series on my wishlist and after seeing teh artwork i’m even more tempted so i’m really glad teh paperback book prize in this contest is open to international*finger crossed*
    thank you for the little explanation too!

  2. Just added this series to my buy list. Thanks for the Celtic Wolves blog.

  3. Love the art work and the concept of the journal entries. Will be adding to my TBR list.

  4. What a fascinating series! Love the covers too. I have added the Celtic Wolves to my TBR list.

  5. I love your art Jan, it’s wonderful. I’ve had these books on my radar for a while now, but have never had a chance to pick any of them up yet. I can see I’ll have to remedy that situation. 😀

    • Thank you! 🙂 They fit this character’s history and personality, so I was so thrilled when I learned my publishing house wanted to keep them in the book.