A Little Tongue, Anyone? Scene-Snippet Sunday and Winners!

Welcome to “Scene-Snippet Sunday,” where I trot out a bit of the current work-in-progress. I have a lot of writing due in the next month, so I have a pretty high word-count quota to hit.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Penton lately. The publisher has elected not to continue with the series since the sales on ALLEGIANCE were not as great as they’d hoped. I do not plan to abandon the series, however, and hope to get either a book five or a book one of a spinoff out this fall or winter. It will be primarily Nik’s story, and if I decide it will end the series, I want to bring the whole cast back in so that we get a resolution.

Next things out? I have five Sentinels mini books planned over the next year and hope the first one will come out by Labor Day. Woo-hoo! I’m reworking stories that have run on my own and other online venues over the past three years, along with some new material. I hope to have a new installment every three months.

The DARK SECRETS anthology is scheduled for a late September release, and I should have a cover reveal for it soon.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you should have a new one coming on the 15th. Nothing earth-shattering in there, but I do have a new giveaway.

And coming in August, AUTHORS AFTER DARK! It’s going to be fun. I’m restocking my swag supply now!

WINNERS! If you see your name here, please email me: suzannej3523@gmail.com (or use the contact tab above).

IRENE JACKSON won DEAD ICE by Laurell K. Hamilton in this week’s Readers Choice giveaway. Your choice of digital or print.

LLEHN won last week’s Readers Choice and opted for THE MASTER MAGICIAN by Charlie N. Holmberg. Choice of print or digital.

bayou house

And now, for a quick scene snippet. In this scene, our heroine, Cele Savoie, has come home from a visit to the Chitimacha mystic down in the swamps near Cocodrie, Louisiana, to find Wildlife Agent Jena Sinclair waiting for her. Jena’s under orders to keep an eye on Cele, who hasn’t exactly embraced the idea of staying away from her home just because she has a psychopath playing games with her. They get to the front porch and find a surprise. (This is a pretty good idea of what her house looks like but her porch isn’t screened in….maybe it should be!)

Jena’s training kicked in. She gently reached out with her left hand and shuffled Cele behind her while pulling out her weapon with her right. She scanned the porch, the swamp, the shore line down the bayou, then shifted her gaze back to the porch.

“Did you see anyone or just…” What the hell was that lying in front of the door?

“Just that thing.” Cele stepped around and stood next to her. “Looks like a skinned animal of some kind. You think?”

Jena took a deep breath. “Stay here.” She was the big bad wildlife agent, right? She knew about dead things.

She knelt in front of the bloody lump and closed her eyes. She wished she were wrong, but she was pretty sure it was a human tongue. Judging by the amount of blood, the tongue’s owner had not been dead when it was removed, or at least he or she hadn’t been dead long.

Cele walked up beside her. “What is that thing? It looks like…oh my God.”

They stared at it a few seconds before Jena finally got her brain back in gear. “Don’t touch it. I need to call the sheriff’s office.”

OK, in unison: Ewwwwwww.

Come back tomorrow for a new Readers Choice!

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5 thoughts on “A Little Tongue, Anyone? Scene-Snippet Sunday and Winners!

  1. A little tongue, anyone? Not what I expected when I read the heading today. Ouch!!!!! Congrats to the winners.

  2. Congrats to the winners
    This sound terribly tempting and yes not what i expected from teh title of the post
    but please…. while i enjoy the idea of getting more books written by you please take also sometimes for yourself, you are more important than any book. i’m sure we can all be even more patient and wait longer if it means you take care of you

  3. Ewwwwww! This sounds like an intriguing book and the photo certainly helps in visualizing the snippet. I love your Penton series and hope you will be able to continue it in some way.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Miki, I’m finally realizing that I have to be reasonable in what I commit to while I have the two jobs and the eldercare duties.

    And BookLady, never fear–my publisher is choosing not to do any paranormals right now, but I intend to continue the Penton series on my own. That’s on my August agenda and I’m hoping to get something out before the end of October, barring any emergencies.