Frequency Wins the Book Options!

Thanks for all the input yesterday. Sounds like more frequent e-releases followed by a print compilation make up my marching orders!

Guys, I wish I could put out BELLE CHASSE next week since it’s been written for a while now, but that decision is out of my hands. So I hereby pledge to keep you entertained while we wait for at least another year. Deal?

Thanks, too, for the support yesterday. What a totally bizarre doctor’s appointment, playing patty-cake and drawing spirals. The good news? I do not have Parkinson’s; I would truly have been surprised if I had.

Katharine_Hepburn_PublicityMy self-diagnosis was spot-on. It’s a condition called Essential Tremors. Katharine Hepburn, one of my favorite actresses ever, is probably the most famous person to have had it, and as far as I know it never slowed her down. Eugene O’Neill had the condition, as did Samuel Adams–and he even had a beer named after him. LOL.

Ironically, although I knew the condition was hereditary and ran on my mom’s side of the family, I didn’t know until last night that my great-grandmother Ida Jaco had it. She, plus my other great-grandmother Drusilla Jane Harris, were, of course, where I got DJ’s name. So I guess the Jaco genes caught me. Kismet. Karma. Now that we know for sure what causes the shaky voice, which is a bigger handicap for me right now than the shaky hands, we move on. The hands can be  helped with meds. Nothing much helps the voice. It is what it is, and it could be a hella lot worse. It isn’t debilitating or contagious or life-threatening. I have an 82-year-old aunt and an 86-year-old uncle with it right now, and they manage. So will I.

And now….I’m off to get some writing done since I’ve left my hero in quite a predicament!

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5 thoughts on “Frequency Wins the Book Options!

  1. I have Essential Tremors too. My hand shake some and my head shakes. Mine are worse when I’m tired. So far it is not affecting my quality of life so I’m not taking medicine.

    • Sounds like yours are under control, Bonnie, which is great! And yes, they’re worse at the end of the day or when I”m stressed out or tired.

      My hands aren’t too bad right now, and if that were the only symptom I wouldn’t try the meds yet. My biggest problem is my voice, however, since I have to lead meetings on the day job, conduct interviews for the day job, and do occasional events as an author. Hard to do if you can’t talk where you can be understood (I lose my voice altogether sometimes). So for that reason, I’m going to try the meds. There isn’t much chance of them working but I’ll at least try it. I don’t know about the Botox injections into the larynx, though….*shudders*

      • I hope the meds work for you. That botox shot sounds painful. Until your post I didn’t even know that ET could affect your voice. I also didn’t know that it is hereditary. ( My kids weren’t happy to hear it) I will have to ask my parents if they know of anyone one else in the family that had it. One of my parents neighbors has it and her heads shakes really bad. That was my first experience with ET. I didn’t realize my own head shook until my kids mentioned it. I have been told by the dr that my symptoms can worsen as I get older and that I may end up taking medicine to control it.