harrypotterToday is JK Rowling’s birthday, and I don’t know about you but I’ll be eternally grateful to her for Harry Potter. What an amazing series of books!

In case you missed recent posts, in honor of the upcoming fun at Authors After Dark, I’m doing a 30-Books-in-30-Days giveaway. Okay, really it’s so I can pare down my TBR pile. Open internationally, and the book is a mystery–I can only tell you it will be either UF, SF, Fantasy, YA paranormal, or PNR. If you win, you can give me a couple of genres and I’ll match them if I can but I”m a lot heavier on some genres than others. (I don’t have a lot of adult UF, in other words because there just isn’t much coming out anymore.) You can also choose any of my books except PIRATE’S ALLEY.

Today’s question, to be entered for a mystery book, is: Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character, outside of Harry?

That’s such a hard question! I’m very fond of Hermione and Ron. I loved Sirius and Remus Lupin.

But I’m going with Ginny Weasley. She wasn’t a flashy character, but she was much less ruled by her emotions than Hermione and was every bit as honorable and brave. She wasn’t one of the main trio of kids, but she did have a huge growth arc of her own. My answer might be different tomorrow, but for today, Ginny gets my vote.

Your turn!


  1. Severus Snape. And that’s with Harry Potter included. I liked the books, but have loathed Harry from the start.

    • Yeah, I always thought Harry was far outshadowed by his friends and a bit on the wimp side :-). I also like Severus Snape because he is such a complex character! (Also, I have a friend with a pet boa constrictor named Severus Snake!)

  2. I’m a Remus Lupin gal when it comes to heart. But for talent? Snape all the way. Forget Dumbledore and Voldemort, or even Harry or Hermoine. Snape is the most powerful wizard in the whole series. Not only could he fool the Dark Lord, but he’s the go-to guy whenever any of the other big names needs a secret favor. And he does it all while enduring the seeming hatred of those he’s trying most to save.

  3. Hermione and Neville Longbottom. They continued to grow into great characters throughout the series.

  4. Oh gosh it’s so hard to choose just one! I think I’d choose Luna Lovegood. She is so quirky and fun. Yep, definitely Luna.

  5. I loved Neville. His character really grew as the books progressed and I was always a little sad that he didn’t have a bigger role. As the series progressed though I really came to love and respect Snape. That man has a backbone of steel and a pure heart, he was a complex character that helped Harry and the others grow into the people they needed to be.

  6. I’d have to say … Lord Voldemort! *gasp* Of course I never read the HP books *double gasp* and only name him on account of finding Ralph Fiennes to be an excellent actor.

  7. I also cried when Dobby died! The only reason I didn’t cry over Dumbledore is because I didn’t think he was really dead and that he’d be back in the next book. Fooled me! Birgit! You need to read them 🙂

    I also like Luna and Neville (who grew up to be kind of surprisingly studly).

    No appearances of Ron or the other Weasleys!

  8. i’m torn between hermione ( for her love of books and study), neville because he is so courageous in his own way and severus because he suffered so much it’s unfair how he is treated ( i hate dumbledore for his treatment of severus)

  9. I liked Mrs. Weasley… especially since the last book when she was fighting Bellatrix and that legendary line… “you b*tch” 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  10. Professor McGonagall is my favorite. Kinda strick with a heart of gold (and I’m guessing a bedroom filled with books!)

  11. So many great characters in this series! One of my favorites was Snape because he was so complex.

  12. How can I pick just one!!! I loved nearly all of them 😉 If I had to though it would be either Hermione or Neville, or maybe Fred and George, or maybe Ron or Dobby, well you get the drift 😉

  13. Well, I always loved bookish Hermione so I’m sticking with that! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂