30 Books in 30 Days: Rodent Edition

Wednesday ArtThere are two holidays today: Hammock Day and Ratcatcher Day. I have no hammock stories to share, so I’ll go with Ratcatcher’s Day, which commemorates the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who lured the rats of Hamelin to their death. When the town leaders refused to pay him as agreed, he slipped again into town in the night, played his flute, and lured the children away, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sweet story, eh?

In case you missed recent posts, in honor of the upcoming fun at Authors After Dark, I’m doing a 30-Books-in-30-Days giveaway. Okay, really it’s so I can pare down my TBR pile. Open internationally, and the book is a mystery–I can only tell you it will be either UF, SF, Fantasy, YA paranormal, or PNR. If you win, you can give me a couple of genres and I’ll match them if I can but I”m a lot heavier on some genres than others. (I don’t have a lot of adult UF, in other words because there just isn’t much coming out anymore.) You can also choose any of my books except PIRATE’S ALLEY.

Today’s question, to be entered for a mystery book, is: do you have a rat or a hammock story?

Here’s my rat story: A rat got into my house in New Orleans one time. He ate part of a loaf of bread that was on the kitchen counter and then made a dash across the floor, sending me and my roommate/BFF running through the house, screaming like girls, until we found chairs to jump on. After some discussion, we decided to be humane and get a sticky trap and bait it with peanut butter. We set it in the kitchen and the next morning, the peanut butter was gone, and a two-inch chewed-off bit of rat tail was stuck to the sticky pad. *Shudders*. Next plan: GIANT sticky trap baited with cake. Rats like cake, right? Who doesn’t like cake?

Rats LOVE cake. Next morning, there he was in his ginormous gray glory, all four feet stuck to the trap. He was one pissed-off rodent, let me tell you. Then we had a problem. What were we going to do with him? I’m not proud of our solution. Let’s just say it involved much screaming, a broom, some fireplace tools, a big can that once held popcorn and had dancing snowmen on the side, more cake, and a dumpster.

How about you? Got a rat or hammock story?

38 thoughts on “30 Books in 30 Days: Rodent Edition

  1. Sorry no rat stories. But this winter, when I have my furnace serviced, they found mice had made a nest. I had to call in an exterminator.

    • I did have mice in my attic and had to get an exterminator (rodents love New Orleans!) whose company was called, I kid you not, Louisiana Rat King. Nice.

  2. I don’t have any rat stories but I liked to lie out in the hammock and read when I was a kid.

  3. We used to have pet rats.
    Problem was that our dog loved them so much, she was all over them each time we let them out of the cage: licking them and trying to get their attention. You can’t really handle rats and get them used to people when they are constantly slobbered by a dog…

    Also: I know a longer version of the Hameln tale. One kid gets left behind and goes in search for the others. He discovers that if the collected tears of the parents weigh more than their guilt (or sin) the children will be returned. So he collects the tears and Presto: happy end.

    • Ah, I like the happy ending better! Having the kids just disappear was always disturbing. Um…don’t think I could do a pet rat, although they’re extremely intelligent, I’m told. I was trying to imagine my terrier Shane with a pet rat. That rat would be dinner!

  4. Oh my goodness. Before we moved we lived in front of a cow pasture and they had just mowed all the hay. Well it must have ran the rats out because one of them chewed completely through our dryer hose to get inside! Yuck!

  5. I changed apartment after apartment all my life, and I can say that I have not experienced any adventure with mice, and hopefully I’ll leave only to read about them.

    • I never had encountered one until I moved to New Orleans and was only about four blocks from the Mississippi River. Then when the hurricane hit and all the rats from the 80 percent of flooded city came rushing into the 20 percent that was unflooded…including my house. *Shudders again*

  6. No rat or hammock stories. Or rat in the hammock stories. Unless maybe the rat had two legs. That might make a good story…

  7. Years ago I kept pet rats. The rat in your picture looks like my late, Astaroth. She lives on in a tattoo on my left arm. It was hard because a rat’s life span is 5 years. Astaroth lived that long and she was very sweet. She would sit on my shoulder to go outside and get the mail. At first my mom didn’t like her. Later ma would give her TEDDY GRAMS and play with her with long weeds. I miss her terribly. My other rats didn’t live as long and it was sad. I had one eat her babies as the cage wasn’t big enough. Rats will do this if they feel cramped. OK, now I’m sad so I’ll stop.

      • Thank you, Suzanne. I think losing a pet is worse than divorce. And I know. Believe me. lol!
        Thanks for choosing me as your ‘rodent post’ winner. Astaroth would be proud. I’m sorry for your losses as well. Hugs backatcha!!

  8. I have no rat stories. However, we vacationed with my brother-in-law’s family once and our children and theirs kept waking earlier and earlier. It turned out that they were each trying to be first one into the hammock to stake the claim for the mornings. After lunch there would be another rush to be done eating and out the door. By the end of summer they discovered that they could all 5 kids pile in and the hammock would hold. It would then be a matter of how long the individuals could stand being smooshed in the heat of summer and that became the process of elimination to the final jubilant victor.

  9. No rat stories, but I have several mice stories. One is about my mother. We had rented a cabin in Lake City CO for a couple of weeks. One night we heard a scream and found my mother standing on a chair with a book in one hand and a slipper in the other, screaming. She saw a mouse. We saw the mouse several times after that. In fact my cousin caught the mouse several times, took it out in the field and let it go. We are pretty sure that the mouse beat Billy back to the cabin. Finally my dad caught the mouse and it never came back. He took it “swimming” in the stream.

  10. No rat stories here either though a squealworthy ones involving a mouse …

    Let’s just say that once I held a dead mouse in my hand. Of course I didn’t know it was a mouse at the beginning as it only looked like a dry leaf to me. Then my brain slowly kicked into gear and I realized that the “leaf” had two little holes on one side and a sorts string on the other. *eeeeeeeeeekkk* I found the critter when cleaning out the basement years ago and it must have got caught behind stuff that had been squeezes on shelves there.

    • *Shuddering again* I did that with a bat a year or so ago when they set up camp in my attic and began flying down the chimney into the house. I thought it was a tuft of dog fur and…they are little rats with wings, to me.

  11. We thought we saw a mouse so set out sticky traps. Two nights later we had our catch, but was not a mouse. Somehow a MOLE had crawled in through our shelf basement. We get mice now and then (Midwest cold winters drive them inside), but I’ve never known anyone with a mole. No rats around here.

  12. The daughter of one of my friends had a cage full or rats, and I just hate the sight of those naked tails. They were both very fond of them and even took them with them to Fantasy Fairs, as part of their costumes.

  13. No rat stories but there where some instances where the whole family climbed on tables and shrieked at the appearance of mice

  14. my mother told me that once, before i was born she saw rat in teh cellar .. she tried to catch them withot success but what surprised her teh most was how delicat and intelligent they were…they attacked the eggs but instead of dropping them or something one had taken an egg on his belly putting himself on his back while another was pulling ( and teh eggs) by his tail…
    she was surprised yes but that didn’t prevented to start drastic measure to make them leave ( and since i don’t like rat i’m glad she did)
    for the mouse , my little hunter is teh most efficient measure ( but rat are too big and he is terrified of them^^;;;)

  15. One day our dog Sandy caught a mouse in the field behind our yard and brought it home. when I told her to put the mouse down, it scurried away to the field. Poor Sandy thought it was a squeaky toy.

  16. The only story I have about rats is that my daughter had one that she kept in an aquarium, and it gnawed on the glass and killed itself.

  17. Ah a rat story. I don’t have many. One day I went with a friend see the horses of her family. They were wonderful and when his brother tried to give hem food he found a rat in it and he killed it, I was quite shocked at the moment.

  18. No rat stories tho we did have a dog some years back that was an excellent mouser (ratter?). We were quite vermin free!.

  19. Oh, many, many rat stories, though none of them are particularly interesting. I see them a lot at night and/or in the subway…aside from marveling and how BIG they are, I get a kick out of watching the tourists panic.

    One time a big ol’ rat ran up onto the subway platform from the tracks, dashed across, and ran right over my feet. Cue screaming tourists. I just shrugged and got on the train.

  20. When we bought our first house, it was in the country and right next to a horse farm. I didn’t know we would get mice coming over from the fields, it was crazy. You could hear them at night moving around and making noise. Nothing was safe! I set out some brownies to cool and turned my back for a few minutes and then they were gone!!! I was happy when we moved 🙂