Free-for-all Friday: What’s Up

Friday’s my blog day to ramble. Let’s see, what’s going on….

The day job is a nightmare right now. Not sure what’s going on in the halls of power, but it’s trickling down in the form of reports, reports, reports. I do not like reports, being much like DJ (or is she like me?) in that regard.

TNE HEaderIt looks like I will be attending The Novel Experience in Atlanta in April–it’s at the Sheraton, same hotel as Authors After Dark. BUT unlike AAD, TNEE is FREE for readers as long as you stay at the convention hotel. Yep, you read that right: FREE! There also are VIP Tickets for $100 that gives you access to panels and evening events. If you’re interested, the information page can be found here.


The last Authors After Dark will be next August in Savannah, Ga. Registration for AAD starts next week. I hear that one’s going to be the biggest and best ever since it’s going to be the last one. The organizer, Stella Price of Romance Ink, wants to focus her attention on TNE (held on alternating years in Atlanta and Las Vegas) as well as her own writing career. I first went to AAD in 2012 when it was in New Orleans just after Royal Street had come out, and it’s a fun event.

As I reported yesterday, PIRATESHIP DOWN went to my editor on Sept. 1 and I should get edit suggestions back by Sept. 15. I’ll have the final Table of Contents in my Sept. 15 newsletter, so sign up using the tab at the top of the page if you haven’t already!

What else am I working on? Well, I’m developing a new proposal to send off to my agent, and am starting serious work on ILLUMINATION, which is the working title for….the next Penton book! Yes, it’s time to revisit Aidan, Mirren and the gang. It’s due to my editor the first Monday in January. In December, I’ll buckle down to work on the second book in the Wildlife Wardens series, although I still have no firm release information on WILD MAN’S BLUFF, which was turned in on July 1.

It has been a year of editorial non-communication on all fronts, sadly.

That’s it from me. Hope you all have a super weekend, and I’ll catch you on Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Free-for-all Friday: What’s Up

  1. oh such a program…..editorial need to communicate more it’s better fior them, teh author and teh readers so they should work on that

    Reports? what a bother

    *courage* ( you do need it)

  2. Those editors need a little shock therapy so we can get your books! Yay to the next Penton book! Hope to attend AAD next year too,