Pick-Your-Meme and TBR #Giveaway Tuesday

I put PIRATESHIP DOWN up on Goodreads last night with a release date of November 9. Fingers crossed that there are no glitches in the production to delay it! (You know, like me not being able to figure out how to upload it.)

Anyway, I’ve been doing a few memes to put up on Facebook in October once the book is available for preorder, so I thought I’d have a “pick the meme” week. Just tell me which one is your favorite today to be entered for a mystery book from my TBR pile. I’ll have a new set of memes each day.  I’m never sure what WordPress is going to do to photos, so you might have to click on it to be able to read it….

Okay, here we go….if you can’t read the memes, you can try the ones under the Multimedia tab (but this is as large as good old (not) WordPress lets me go with this template. The first one says:

“Jean is on his way to Angola after his arraignment.”

Rene pulled a pillow over his head. “Good. He deserves to get bounced off the back of a bull.”

I wouldn’t let him be hauled off to Angola. We’d just find a bull when we got home and make him ride it for our own enjoyment.”

The second one says:

In the scried image, Jean sat at the interrogation table across from what looked like a high school student.

“Who the hell is that kid?” Rene pulled up a chair so he could see better.

“Well, the guy looks about twelve, but he has a briefcase, so it might be Jean’s public defender.” Poor Doogie Lawyer wouldn’t stand a chance.

Meme-Bull Meme-doogie

25 thoughts on “Pick-Your-Meme and TBR #Giveaway Tuesday

  1. I like the “Doogie Lawyer” meme, wonder how many remember, Doogie Howser, M.D., 1989-1993? Although seeing Jean riding a bull would be fun.

    • I don’t know–I wondered how many would get the “Doogie Howser” reference, especially since Neil Patrick Harris is better known now for “How I Met Your Mother.” I never watched either show, not being much of a sitcom fan.

      And Jean is OUTRAGED at the threat to make him participate in the Angola Prison Rodeo!

  2. i love the second one

    and i didn’t know there were prison with rodeo in fact but the context makes it clears ( though i still wonder how they can do that legally i mean if the prisoner don’t have a choice it endagering their life so it should be illegal… hum… so strange)

    • I’m just guessing here, but I suspect they aren’t forced to be a part of it (unless it’s emptying trash or something like that), but that it’s very popular with the inmates. They make goods (like leather belts or belt buckles) they can sell to the public, they get to be around people, they get out of their boring routines. I think they have to earn their way into getting to participate. Which, now that I think about it, Jean would probably not be allowed to participate because I doubt he’s going to get any favors for good behavior!

      • Oh if there is money to be made Jean would find a way but if the money goes to the prison not his pocket a bigger tantrums is bound to happen

        thank you for the explanation it makes more sense now

      • The prison in Huntsville TX used to have a prison rodeo (maybe still do) and the inmates got cash prizes.