Going to Venice with Diana Cachey and #Giveaway

Today, please join me in extending a warm welcome to fellow author Diana Cachey. Diana is dropping by today as part of her virtual book tour celebrating her What Happens in Venice trilogy. The What Happens in Venice trilogy began with Love Spirits, published in July 2014. The second book in the trilogy is Lagoon Lure, published in October 2014. The trilogy concludes with Magic Island, published in March of this year. What better time than Halloween to celebrate these three books.

Diana Cachey is a licensed attorney, published academic, and former adjunct law professor. She also holds a BA in English, and while in law school, she was the first female editor in chief of her university’s law review. The author of the novel Love Spirits, she has trained with several New York Times best-selling writers, including Robert Allen, with more than seventy-two million books sold. For more than a decade, Cachey has been traveling to Venice, the setting of her novel, on extended trips several times a year. The cafés, restaurants, and many other haunts of Venice play a prominent role in her sexy paranormal mystery-romance about a beautiful American lawyer guided by the Ghosts of Venice in the investigation of a hushed-up crime. You can learn more about Diana by visiting her Amazon page, her youtube page and on Facebook.

ABOUT THE WHAT HAPPENS IN VENICE TRILOGY: Louisa Mangotti, an American lawyer working as an Interpol expert for the international crime unit in Venice, receives a mysterious postcard from the Venetian ghosts, ancient protectors of the Republic. She scoffs at the ghosts, who plant clues for her to help them solve a hushed up crime that threatens Venice, because she suspects her bad boy ex-lover, Matteo, has crafted a plan to distract her from his own involvement in the crime. Nonetheless she’s forced to depend on him to decipher clues, including diving with him on a haunted shipwreck in the lagoon and venturing to far out hidden islands. Her sister, who communes with ghosts, arrives to rescue Louisa but is lured away from the chase into a steamy affair with a possible phantom. Another feisty foreigner, Louisa’s best friend Rebecca, further spices up the action and adds to the antics when she visits for Carnival and samples the Venetian charm and romance. More sexy men, as well as ghosts, distract the women as they follow a maze of cryptic clues, baffling signs and cunning messengers.

As the three women fall deeper into the whirlpool of the mysterious lagoon town, its wonderful sights, and alluring men, they continue to navigate a stormy course. With time running out, can the beauties solve a crime that threatens the future of Venice itself?

On top of being sexy, gorgeous and classy, Louisa Mangotti is a respected attorney and Interpol expert who is puzzled by the odd postcard that arrives in her mailbox signed mysteriously… “Venetian Ghosts”. She assumes it’s a quixotic attempt by her bad-boy ex, Matteo, to re-ignite their relationship. Louisa may have dismissed the ghosts, but the ghosts aren’t quite done with her.

Ghosts Take Over Venice Video, Part One
Ghosts Take Over Venice Video, Part Two

love spiritsABOUT LOVE SPIRITS (Book One): When the bodies of two glass makers wash up on Murano Island, the cryptic messages persist. Louisa is drawn to the story of the Venetian ghosts and initiates a personal investigation. Reluctantly, Louisa calls upon her bad boy ex, Matteo, to help decipher the clues. Before she knows it, a flame that was never fully extinguished is unexpectedly rekindled. Sensing that her sister is in over her head, Barbara Mangotti rushes to the rescue, only to be lured away by two hard-to-resist good-looking Venetian men. With time running out, can these two beauties solve a crime that could threaten the city of Venice itself? This book is like a magic carpet ride that takes you to Venice, capturing in a most wonderful way its unique allure and mystery. Part travelogue, part mystery, part romance novel, it will warm your heart, send goosebumps up your spine, and leave you breathless.



You may purchase a copy of Love Spirits by clicking on the following link:

lagoon lureABOUT LAGOON LURE (Book Two): Sexy sleuth Louisa is back! She captivated romance novel readers and mystery lovers in Love Spirits, the first book of the intriguing international mystery and crime series, What Happens in Venice. Book Two, Lagoon Lure, continues this seductive ghost story and resumes the carnal pleasures, conspiracy and corruption. American in Venice, Louisa, resumes her Venetian exploits, steamy love affairs and paranormal assisted murder investigation she began in Love Spirits. The mystery and romance further ensnares her in the second book of the What Happens in Venice mystery series. Still unnerved by the notion that Venice ghost stories are real, Louisa delves further into the mystery of the deaths of two glassmakers while juggling the lustful manipulations of her ex-lover, Matteo, whose role in the double murder grows murkier. Meanwhile Louisa’s usually shy sister, Barbara, explores her new-found sexuality with Venice’s willing men, sharing her adventures with her sister but keeping one particularly mysterious man a secret. Romance novel readers will love the changes in her and the tension created by the affairs of the heart that Venice leads her into before she realizes that she’s fallen hard despite the haunted happenings around her. When Louisa’s best friend, “Rouge,” arrives for Carnival to sample its masked men and create her own romance novel subplots and complicates the situation further by encouraging the sisters to embrace the pleasures of secret Venice. Rouge not only steams up the landscape but she is lured into her own complicated romances and supernatural events, if not a reluctant ghost story or two. With Venice as the lush backdrop for double murder and a web of passionate intrigue, Louisa deciphers clues planted by ghosts and struggles to resist the wicked charms of the very tempter she suspected in the crimes. Her unfinished romance and ghost story compete against her love affair with Venice and its secrets. While she tries to enjoy her days of Venice travel, food and fashion, as well as her new admirer’s own brand of magic, the mystery of the dead glass makers still looms in the lagoon. Lively supporting characters add sex, chuckles and suspense to the already twisted plots and turned phrases when they too must navigate Venice mystery, romantic liaisons and the ghost story encounters. The gothic setting, the romance laden environment, the mysterious corners and shadowy lagoon lead everyone astray. Haunted Venice gives everyone plenty to puzzle over right until the end. Venice cafés, restaurants, and other haunts play a prominent role in this sexy supernatural romance and international crime series about a beautiful American in Venice guided by ghosts to solve the mystery of a hushed-up crime. Paranormal clues and ghost apparitions lead Louisa deeper into the lagoon, and she is forced to reluctantly enlist Matteo’s support. Can she trust him, or will this ghostly lagoon lure prove deadly?

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magic islandABOUT MAGIC ISLAND (Book Three): Sexy sleuth Louisa is back — with Venice as the lush backdrop for double murder and a web of passionate intrigue. In this final installment of the Trinity, Louisa captivates readers by deciphering clues planted by ghosts & struggling to resist the wicked charms of the very tempter she suspects. Her unfinished love story continues to compete against her love affair with Venice and its secrets. She tries to enjoy her days of Venice travel, food and fashion and new admirer’s own brand of magic but the mystery of the dead glass makers still looms in the lagoon. Lively supporting characters add more sex, chuckles and suspense to the already twisted plots and turned phrases as they too must navigate their own romantic liaisons and thought provoking ghost encounters. Magic Island gives everyone plenty to puzzle over right up to its surprising finish!



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And now, let’s hear from Diana…

Venice as a Setting! PLUS All Three Venice E-books on Sale from 99 ℂ
By Diana Cachey

My favorite way to get ideas for writing is TRAVEL. Nothing inspires me like an intriguing location such as Venice, Italy.

Not only did I write three books set in Venice but I developed an entire “Diana Cachey diana cacheyYouTube channel” where I am a Venice travel guide for you and I introduce the audience to secret sites and sounds of Venice. How fun is that? I filmed dozens of videos, and I especially love the ones where the elaborate costumes of Venice Carnival are highlighted or the local bar, pastry and cafe scenes are explored!

Going to Venice is also one of the ways I handle writer’s block! Sure, I pout, cry, stamp my feet, complain to anyone who will listen, then park my butt back in a chair to stare at a blank piece of paper until something comes up, but I never have writer’s block in Venice. If I am really stuck on a scene or character, I PRAY, preferably in a Venetian church full of gilded furniture, frescoed ceilings, carved marble alters, intricate statues and priceless paintings. It always works.

When people ask me what inspired me to write these books, I say, “here we go again, Venice inspired me!” The beauty, romance, charm, handsome men, history, food, canals, gondolas, churches, mystery of. It all gives me more than enough to write three books, and many more I hope.

I also get ideas by observing people and this strange lagoon town has a very lively cast of Venetian locals to choose from and describe. I also can’t get my hands on enough books set in Venice. What a fun way to do research for a book — I look for anything ever written about Venice. I read Venice history, letters, books about its art and architecture, learn about its cuisine, its legends and myths. I wallow in stories of Venice’s epic rule as a great republic once in control of the world. I love it all.

Balancing life with writing is hard but it helps to have this wonderful setting to visit in my dreams, daydreams, books and writing. Thanks for reading!

FYI, All THREE BOOKS, my entire What Happens in Venice series goes on sale Oct 20 to midnight Oct 26 from 99 ℂ ! Get all three and journey to Venice with me.

~Diana Cachey

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Thanks, Diana, it was a pleasure having you here today.

In association with Diana’s virtual book tour, there is a tour-wide giveaway including:

1 Signed Copy of all three books
1 Halloween mask (full head werewolf)
1 Halloween swag (bloody shower curtain, Carnival-Venice mask, etc)

In order for you to be entered for your chance to win, you must leave a comment and then enter using the following link:

8 thoughts on “Going to Venice with Diana Cachey and #Giveaway

  1. this sound instering, old ghost helping solve a mysteries and it’s true that Venice is one of those place with a specific, mysterious filled of history atmosphere

  2. Thank you Stephen and Suzanne, love finding a new author to read and I’ve always wanted a full head werewolf mask…lol

  3. I visited Venice twice. [US Navy 1960-1962] Wonderful place to visit. Saw the glass blowers, road in a Gondola. Fond memories.

  4. I absolutely love finding new series to read and this one sounds amazing! I will be adding these to my list and reading them very soon! I love going places in books, less expensive and I don’t have to dress up 🙂

  5. I was excited to hear about this one too, and thanks to Diana for being here today. I had the good fortune to visit Venice twice, both times during Carnival, and I came home with masks both times…although never a full-head werewolf mask. How cool is that?