Jean Lafitte’s New Vocabulary Words (and giveaways!)

Just a quick note today that I’m visiting with Heidi over at Rainy Day Ramblings, finishing off her “Something Wicked” feature leading up to Halloween. There’s an interview, a review (thanks, Heidi!), and two giveaway links: a copy of your choice of Sentinels books for commenting, plus the link to the preorder $50 giftcard for PIRATESHIP DOWN. Hope you’ll go over and check it out! (And you’ll see what I mean about Jean’s new words.)





And since it’s Throwback Thursday, meet my grandmothers. On the left, from about 1915, is Bertha Geneva Sandlin Smith, my maternal grandmother–I actually look a lot like her except for that tiny waist. I sure didn’t get that! Her mother was Ida Jaco, and her great-grandmother was Susannah Sandlin. Her father was Rand Sandlin. Hm…those names sound familiar.

On the right is Carrie Nelson Johnson, my paternal grandmother. I got her black hair and less-than-svelte physique. Otherwise, I look way more like the Sandlin-Smith side of the family.

5 thoughts on “Jean Lafitte’s New Vocabulary Words (and giveaways!)

  1. Thanks for sharing the family pictures. I think it is a great tribute to your ancestors to share their names with your characters! Have a restful weekend.

  2. Lovely pictures. I also have black hair and people used to think I must dye it. Although now that I’m getting a couple grays I may have to start lol.