Mixed Media TBR #Giveaway Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so it must be art day! Well, “art” is probably a stretch. I have declared war on watercolors. I shall conquer them. They shall be defeated or I shall die trying. Which means I’m mostly making a mess these days. I’m taking a workshop with the fabulous Jane Davenport and JoAnne Sharpe that’s mostly designed to combine images with words and how to make one’s writing look less suckalicious, or at least look intentionally suckalicious.

This past week, we were focusing on “drawing without a net,” as I’m calling it–drawing faces with permanent ink, without sketching in graphite first. Then using a loose wash of watercolor. Loose, messy sketches with watercolor is something I’ve done a bit…but not without roughing it out in graphite first. Pens are scary things.

Anyway, once I finally accepted they were going to be a mess as I experimented with finding workable skintone mixes and different pens and different watercolors (winner so far: Peerless), it’s kind of relaxing and fun. W/C are MUCH less messy than my beloved Golden acrylics, so that’s a plus. And I can use my water pens, which might rank up there alongside the MacBook as one of the most brilliant inventions ever.


wise woman 2

So…do you have Thanksgiving plans, if you’re here in the U.S.? If not in the U.S., is there an equivalent day to be thankful and overeat? I know my Canadian friends had their Thanksgiving recently. I’ve been an ostrich about it so far, refusing to acknowledge that it’s coming. Since I have eldercare for a housebound Senior Adult, I won’t be going anywhere but I vaguely remember promising to cook all the side dishes if a friend would bring a turkey. I must have been delusional.

What about you? Comment for a chance at a TBR mystery book!

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20 thoughts on “Mixed Media TBR #Giveaway Wednesday

  1. We always go to my mom’s around noon and then also try to squeeze in both my in-laws houses so needless to say we’re stuffed by the end of the day lol.

  2. Here we overeat at Christmas: two days in a row!
    And at New Year’s Eve we eat oliebollen (fried doughballs, comparable to donuts, but usually fattier).
    In some parts of the Netherlands they have ‘dankdag’ (a religious day to give thanks for a good harvest), but there’s no overeating involved I think, just the children getting the day off school and there being special church services.

  3. It’ll just be three of us this year. My Mom has half a turkey breast in the freezer, I’ll make stuffing and cranberry sauce, and my boyfriend can bake a cake.

  4. Going to travel over the river and through the woods to a cousin’s house. She lives WAY out in the country. Lots of food, lots of family, lots of fun.

  5. We are going to my daughters house for Thanksgiving turkey. Small group, just eight of us. I didn’t even know Sandy could cook! Then we go back Saturday for Turkey a la king, best left-over ever.

  6. Isn’t winter traditionally the season to overeat? I mean, we need to prepare for hibernation, right? But fun (and wishful thinking) aside – we don’t have Thanksgiving over here in good ol’ Europe, but strangely enough numerous shops have jumped on the whole Black-Friday-Sale bandwagon which is so weird. Not that I have anything against a good sale, but it really doesn’t make much sense to me.

  7. i love the first girl with the owl it’s wonderfully done

    no we don’t have anything like thankgiving that i can think of but i do use that day to tell my mother how much i’m grateful for her , even if i tried to show her all teh year long.
    Christmas is more important here and… I’ M NOT READY AT ALL( alert alert!! must find way to expand time!)

  8. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. We don’t have family in the area and we don’t plan to travel for the holiday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Everyone is coming here. It will be less this year as we lost someone and my daughter is married.

  10. We just do immediate family because I usually work.As my kids are grown they don’t care what day the turkeys on the Table! Could be anyday that week. But it is nice to all get together.

  11. We always debate of where Thanksgiving is going to be held at. One year it was at my sister’s up North. Another year, we forgot the turkey. You could say my family likes to wing it.

  12. I am trying to cook the Thanksgiving meal this year. Wish me luck. In the past when my husband was travelling for the holiday and I was working fairly long hours I said to the kids, “How about I just roast a chicken?” I have never been forgiven for that.

  13. I’m living in England this year, and they definitely don’t do Thanksgiving (in fact, they’re already well into Christmas season…).

    But my college, which has regular formal dinners on Thursdays for graduate students, has been persuaded to make next Thursday’s into a Thanksgiving dinner, complete with “American” menu. We’ll see how they do!

  14. I really enjoy your drawings. Thanks for sharing. Thanksgiving will be at my in laws. And that means lots of food!