TBR Tuesday–the Lafitte Greenway

Lafittes-BlacksmithTwo more stops on the PIRATESHIP DOWN tour today. Remember to enter for the $50 Amazon or Book Depo giveaway.

First, there’s a nice review at Book-O-Craze. It was fun to see a review from someone who hadn’t read the series; I’d hoped it would appeal to readers who didn’t already know the characters and that seems to be the case. High-five!

There’s also a spotlight at Mommabear’s Book Blog and another chance to enter.

And I must share news that has Jean Lafitte all excited. There’s a $9.1 million bike path and jogging trail being built in New Orleans. The name? The Lafitte Greenway, aka the Lafitte Corridor. It will eventually have restaurants and shopping, bringing life to a Mid-City area that was kind of a concrete no-man’s land. Of course, Jean sees even more potential for things to be named after him. As he says in the “Talk Like a Pirate” story, “It is good to be remembered, yes?”

So, for a TBR giveaway…what do you think would be a good type of business or name for a restaurant named for our favorite pirate, er, privateer?



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17 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday–the Lafitte Greenway

  1. second hand shop…. i can really see it getting things cheap and selling them for more 😉 Jean and profit ,nothing is to be wasted

  2. A restaurant, Buccaneers or The Hook and the Claw or A treasure shop Lafitte’s Locker or The Captain’s Chest.

  3. That is fun news Suzanne! How about a yacht renting business? That rents pirateships? I’ve seen it done somewhere, I think in some type of Storage Wars.

  4. Since Jean considers himself a privateer, I think a stationery store called Letters of Marque would be appropriate. Also a coin shop named Pieces of Eight or a restaurant called Rapscallion.

  5. You guys are brilliant. Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to comments during the day. Had a 12-hour day-job day, and am about to go back to work. But these cheered me up. Jean, I think, might have to open a few businesses around New Orleans. After all, even in his human life, he had legitimate fronts such as his blacksmith shop through which he moved his less-legitimate merchandise. I’m going to print all these out!

  6. An antique weapon shop displaying blades, swords and old pistols. Or a costume shop wear you can take pictures when you dress up.