Tour Stops, Pirate Book Reviews, and TBR Giveaway!

Happy Friday! If you’re of a mind to, I hope you’ll lift up good wishes and prayers for a good friend of mine who is fighting for his life this morning. His name is JL, he lives in Tennessee, and he’s married to one of my very dearest friends. He made the beautiful Lafitte blanket chest/trunk that I posted on the website recently.

On a happier note, a big thanks to Annie at BOOKED AND LOADED for featuring me today as one of the authors who’ll be at The Novel Experience Event in Atlanta in April. There are not one but TWO giveaways there (since you can only enter once a day you might want to save some time and just go there instead of the link below). There’s a giveaway of your choice of any of my books, regardless of series, and you can also enter the PIRATESHIP DOWN $50 tour giveaway. What is The Novel Experience Event? It’s a huge, multigenre readers book-signing and convention that alternates years between Atlanta and Vegas. Next April it’s in Atlanta. 2016 is the last year for one of my favorite events, Authors After Dark (I’ll be there too), because the folks at Romantic Ink want to put their focus on TNEE. The event is FREE for readers who stay at the convention hotel (Sheraton Atlanta), and there are VIP registrations for $100 that get you into more of the events. If you’re interested, click on the link above and find out more about who’s going to be there.

There was supposed to be an interview today at Literary Musings that never got posted for some reason, but there is a spotlight stop (no new material) and a chance to enter the $50 giveaway if you don’t do it at the site above. If the interview posts, I’ll add the link later. Click here to find the rafflecopter form.

Now, what’s this about pirate book reviews? Our favorite pirate and shifters and wizards and vampires and other assorted characters from the Sentinels and Penton worlds have been clamoring for something to read since I seem to give away all the books I get.

So, I’d like book review suggestions for DJ, Alex, Rene, Jean Lafitte, Rand, Aidan, Mirren, Will, Cage, Nik, Robin….ANY of the characters from my books both as Suzanne and Susannah. These do not need to be new books–they can run from Faulkner to 50 Shades. (Okay, I’ve already assigned 50 Shades to Jean Lafitte, although Rene is clamoring for it too so it might be a joint review.)

To be entered for a TBR giveaway for one of the newish books they will not be reading, make a suggestion! If you don’t have a particular pairing, you can also say “I’d like to see a book review from (character)” or “I’d like to see someone review (Book Title).”


13 thoughts on “Tour Stops, Pirate Book Reviews, and TBR Giveaway!

  1. Rene could review Nightfall by Ellen Connor. Steamy scenes AND a cool post apocalyptic story.

  2. What a fun thing to think about. Book characters reviewing books, great fun. I’ll go with the girls and have DJ review Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch. Expose her to a little Sci-Fi. Then I’d have Robin review Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. Expose her to some witch. Both books are the first book in two wonderful series. My daughter and daughter-in-law are in NOLA this week-end. Eating, drinking, dancing, going to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, thinking of me? LOL

  3. I’d have DJ review Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Maybe she could get some clues about dealing with men from the past.

  4. hum my mind is blank as my first ideas were all cited already…Mirren could read Soul avenged by Keri Lake….he would find “friends” in the brother and torture technics guide if he lacks imagination

  5. Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to respond today. My magazine was due to the printer and, very sadly, my friend JL passed away. So it’s going to be a bittersweet weekend. I will be unable to post on Sunday until late in the day, so stay tuned for a little announcement. 🙂

  6. So sorry Suzanne! Prayers for you and his family. May you find happiness in the cherished memories shared this weekend.

    And make Rand review Twilight-give him the whole series!!!

  7. So sorry to hear about your friend. May the box he made give you happy memories.

    DJ should review The Dresden Files. Maybe she can get some tips on using Charlie.

    I would love to hear Mirren’s thought on the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

    Jean should read Skye O’Malley by Beatrice Small and give his opinion on a female pirate.

    How about Rene reading The Old Man and the Sea?

    Alex and Old Yeller?