Scene-Snippet Sunday for Penton Fans–and Weekly Winners

bachHappy Sunday!

As the day-job wreaks its usual havoc, I’ve been absent much of last week, so apologies. I’m hoping to get everything sorted out over the holiday “break” (which is all theoretical because I’ll be working but at least working from home). I’m sitting here this morning listening to Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major. If I’m listening to classical music, it usually means I’m stressed out. Nuff said.

In the meantime, while WILD MAN’S CURSE and BELLE CHASSE are taking up most of my writing time, the Penton series has not been forgotten. So today’s scene snippet is from ILLUMINATION, the working title of Penton #5.

I think this scene is pretty self-explanatory….

Nik Dimitrou pulled the pillow over his head, trying to stop the pounding. The thick case of down and fiberfill dulled the banging on his door but couldn’t do much about the jackhammers inside his head. He needed whiskey for that. Make that more whiskey.

A voice joined the outer noise. “Open the door in thirty seconds or I’ll f***ing do it for you.” The voice was more of an angry growl, with a hint of a Scottish accent. And Mirren Kincaid would break that door if Nik didn’t haul ass.

He staggered into the living room, flipped the deadbolt lock, and staggered back to the sofa. Where, conveniently, the bottle of Irish whiskey he’d laid waste to last night still rested.

He got one good swig in before a hand the size of a dinner plate snatched it out of his hands and upended it on his living room rug.

“Hey vampire, d’you know how much that stuff costs?”

“You want it that bad, get down there and suck it out of the carpet.” Mirren leaned against the wall next to the door, as if daring Nik to try and escape.

Nik observed a moment of silence in honor of the Jameson’s Irish Whiskey that now filled the room with its intoxicating aroma, then shifted his pained gaze to the enormous vampire blocking his exit.

“What the hell do you want?” Nik glanced at his watch. It was 4 a.m. “Don’t you need to be crawling underground to sleep for the day or something? Some of us like to sleep at night, you know. So we can enjoy the
sunshine. Oh, wait. no. You can’t do that.”

Mirren stared at him from his massive height of six-eight, or so Nik had been told. He tried not to get that close to the notorious vampire warrior who headed up security for Penton, Alabama, ground-zero for the rebel alliance that had declared war against the Vampire Tribunal. Not that Nik wasn’t a valuable part of Penton’s leadership, but he drank too much and knew it. Mirren knew it too. Best they keep their distance.

“You finished with your tantrum?” Mirren crossed his arms and waited.

Ah, I’ve missed my Penton boys and girls.

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Come back tomorrow for a new Readers Choice contest, and a link to a new short featuring Jean Lafitte planning Christmas Day festivities for his band of allies hiding out in Barataria–and DJ’s commentary!

5 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday for Penton Fans–and Weekly Winners

  1. What a great snippet! I’ve missed the Penton boys and girls too. Mirren is such a fascinating character. Looking forward to Illumination.

  2. Jean and Christmas i definitively want to read that^^
    congrats to this week wiçnners and now i’m off to try to finish a littel more handmade gioft becaus ei’m way WAY behind schedule ( why can’t teh time slow when we need it really?!)

  3. Yes, Jean, Christmas, and DJ’s commentary, sounds like fun. Congrats to the winners. Just got back from Naperville, finished the family Christmas shopping!