COVER REVEAL! Wild Man’s Curse by Susannah Sandlin

I’ve been teasing you with it for months. Okay, maybe a year, back when it was still Wild Man’s Bluff. But it’s almost here! And if it’s almost here, it must have a cover. So with no further ado…































I think the woman on the cover is a pretty good representation of Celestine, the heroine, and captures the might-be-in-pain-but-she-also-might-be-ready-to-shoot-your-ass expression that fits the book well. Interesting that paranormal romance usually features the hero of the book while suspense usually features the heroine on the cover. I wonder why that is? This is Ceelie’s story, but also Gentry’s–probably equal parts. They both have emotional journeys to take. And you know me–those journeys usually aren’t easy ones, physically or psychologically.

Buy links are already up at most spots, albeit without the cover anywhere except Amazon yet:

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20 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL! Wild Man’s Curse by Susannah Sandlin

    • Well, I suspect that character will get a much larger role in the second book in the series!!! LOL!

  1. Thanks, everyone–sorry the day job hijacked me about lunchtime and still hasn’t let go. But I’m glad you like the cover. I do think it fits the book really well.