Writing Biz Wednesday: The Other Side of Writing is…Not Writing

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Here’s something I didn’t know when I sold that elusive first book to a publisher six years ago. Well, two things.

First, it would take more than two years to get the book produced and on the shelf. I had written two more books by the time that first one actually came out (ROYAL STREET).

Second, about half of an author’s time, maybe more, is spent not writing, but marketing. Build a platform, I was told. Start a blog. Engage in all the social media. Go to other blogs and comment on them because they link back to your website. Publishers help with promoting books, or at least some of them do, with some books. (That’s a blog for another day.) But the heavy lifting in today’s publishing climate often falls on the author. If it is a self-published “indie” book, it ALL falls on the author.

After a while, of course, I realized it wasn’t possible to self-promote that heavily and still hold down a job, much less write anything new. So I’m active on Facebook, where you’re welcome to send me a friend request or like my official author pages here and here. I sometimes use Twitter but not as much because it’s hard to keep up with conversations and actually work. I blog here because I enjoy blogging. I have my monthly newsletter, which you subscribe to (at the top of the page) if for no other reason than I give away cool stuff every month. That’s it–except during a book launch.

All this is to say that, beginning on Monday, the two-week blog tour for WILD MAN’S CURSE will begin. There will be guest posts and interviews galore. Tomorrow, I’ll publish the schedule as I currently know it, although it’s changing at least once a day. Each day between April 4-18, I’ll run links at the beginning of this blog. You can enter at some tour stops to get in the running for Amazon gift cards; at others, there will be individual giveaways for that particular blog.

So, that means…..get ready! It’s almost here!

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4 thoughts on “Writing Biz Wednesday: The Other Side of Writing is…Not Writing

  1. I have been looking forward to the blog tour, guest posts, and interviews. Great fun. Gives me a chance to tell people how wonderful Wild Man’s Curse is. This is exciting.