Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday!

First, release week is finally here for Wild Man’s Curse! And time for me to make one last plea to pre-order if you haven’t already. This is probably a make-or-break book for me, so if you want to see me continue writing, I hope you’ll find the $6 to fork out for the ebook or $10 for the print book. Otherwise, the only writing you might see me doing is my grocery list. Okay, not that but something equally banal that actually pays a living wage.

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So…how about a snippet from WILD MAN’S CURSE? I picked this one because I was writing a post for the blog tour last night and thinking about some things that are important to me in terms of writing suspense. No.1 on my list is a strong heroine. That doesn’t mean Ceelie Savoie, the heroine from WMC, doesn’t get victimized, but she uses the tools at her disposal to stay alive and get the upper hand, even when her hands are bound, as they are here in this scene with our bad guy. {Note to French-speakers; Cajun French has a lot in common with “proper” French, but…not too much.]

            This time, Lang held the knife against her throat. “You do know the answers. I knew it. You’re just like your aunt, with your witchy ways and your chicken bones. I killed her and I can kill you too–unless you tell me what I want to know.”

            If Lang thought she was a voodoo queen or a witch, well, better for her. He hadn’t touched Tante Eva’s throwing table, after all. “I threw the bones yesterday mornin’.” She used her own version of Eva’s accent. “I knew you was comin’, and I knew you was determined to get me.”

             “Give me a break, little Celestine. Taking you was as easy as shooting that red-headed bodyguard of yours.”

            Not a bodyguard, but a friend who was probably dead.

            Ceelie spoke softly, keeping her voice low and musical.

            Tu me ne connais pas.” You do not know me.

            “Je passe la malédiction de vous, Langston Broussard.” I pass the curse to you, Langston Broussard.

            Tu me ne peur pas.” You do not scare me.

            For a fraction of a second, Ceelie saw a flash of doubt—maybe even fear—cross Lang’s face before it settled back into a sneer. She had rattled him with a few words pulled from long-ago memories.

            The momentum might have swung her way, at least for a moment.

Now…did you win a book this week? (Please note that WILD MAN’S CURSE is not eligible for any Reader’s Choice giveaways after today through the month of April.) If you see your name, please contact me at or at the contact tab on this page, and provide your mailing info if it’s a print book, email if it’s a digital book, and remind me what book you won.

LIL won an unabridged audiobook of WILD MAN’S CURSE. Other than a couple of blog giveaways sponsored by my publisher this next month, this will be my last giveaway of WILD MAN’S CURSE through April 30. Lil, please let me know if you prefer an MP4 version (that will play on iTunes, for example) or a CD version.

LIZ won a couple of TBR Mystery Books for commenting on the Pointe-au-Chien horse photo Tuesday. These will be print books.

AURIAN was chosen by good old to choose a book of her choice this week. You chose the new Heather Graham book but can substitute any other book you want in the USD$15 or less equivalent from Book Depository.

Thanks for reading, guys. Get ready for a new Reader’s Choice tomorrow, as well as the first URLS for the WILD MAN’S CURSE tour stops!

8 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Now is the time to show Suzanne you care. I pre-ordered both the e-book and a paper copy. Order yours today, you will enjoy a wonderful story.

  2. We wsill do our best to make a success of this book!!!
    *go back to do teh jewellery as incentive for buying teh book*

  3. Is one format more beneficial to you than the other, Suzanne? I ordered the paperback version. There is no e-book preorder button for Belle Chasse yet, but I will order it as soon as there is. You MUST keep writing!

  4. Thanks for the great snippet! And thanks for your giveaway too! Enjoy your launch of Wild Man’s Curse.