Yakkety-Yack–Listen to my Podcast

Okay, first, I have a terrible speaking voice. I always have. I have a weird mishmash Southern accent that has taken bits from everywhere I’ve lived–the southern edge of the Smokies, downstate Illinois, Houston, San Diego, New Orleans, and now the southern edge of the Appalachians.

I have a laryngeal disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia that makes my voice shaky and weird. It’s not contagious, dangerous, or treatable. It’s just annoying.

So it’s with those caveats that I share with you the link to last night’s interview on Reader’s Entertainment/Circle of Seven on Blog Talk Radio about WILD MAN’S CURSE. Well, actually, it’s Susannah. Blame her. LOL. It’s only 15 minutes long but I do ramble a lot.

Listen to the podcast here. 




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