Happy Book Birthday BLACK DIAMOND!


Bonjour, this is Jean Lafitte. I am not a pirate, as I have often been accused, but I am quite fond of jewels and think a black diamond would be a lovely trinket to give my Jolie. Alas, however, I must first find one.

It is quite simple, I am told. One might find it in the Amazon in all its forms. One might find it at the home of Monsieurs Barnes and Nobles, in print and with someone reading it aloud. One might find it in the Depository of Books (qu’est-ce que c’est?). One might…bah, I tire of this. Mademoiselle Suzanne requests that I ask those who are in possession of a black diamond to post a review in the Amazon and to be sure to note that if you received an “Ark,” please to say you received a copy with no requirement or expectation of a positive review.

I do not understand what this means; I fear for her sanity but one often acquires dangerous fevers when visiting the Amazon, where the jungle is quite dense. Perhaps I shall prepare for her some gruel and brandy.

In the meantime, I am told there are prizes to be won at Happy Tails and Tales today, where the lovely Mademoiselle Maghon has read the book about the diamonds, so one must visit there.

I am told there might be other diamond sightings today, so one might wish to check back for them.

[Note: Thank you to Sullivan McPig for the review today (and giveaway) at Pearls Cast Before a McPig! Also, check out the interview at the USA Today Happily Ever After blog!]

Bah. I did not realize such diamonds were so frequently found in the modern world. I must discuss this with Rene so that we might begin a trade in black diamonds in Old Orleans.



5 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday BLACK DIAMOND!

  1. Got my copy-can’t wait to read it! Poor Jean will be so disappointed to find out there will be no easy trade in black diamonds.

  2. Congrats on your new release!!!

    ( by teh way i saw we are supposed to write that we voluntary reviewed the book, as new amazon rules)