Sales–$1.99 for Penton, Wilds of the Bayou–and Lafitte Blogs?

Sale time!

Wild_Mans_Curse_Final_CoverIn advance of the release of BLACK DIAMOND in a couple of weeks (OMG, is that possible?), we’re having a Kindle sale on WILD MAN’S CURSE for $1.99. It’s the perfect time to read it if you haven’t!

AND, it’s also time to pick up any Penton Legacy books you haven’t downloaded: REDEMPTION, ABSOLUTION, OMEGA and ALLEGIANCE are all $1.99 for Kindle as well. By the time you re-read them all, perhaps it will almost be time for book five, ILLUMINATION, which is firmly on my front burner.

This Humpty Dumpty of a website still isn’t completely back together–working on getting the contact and contest forms up asap, but thanks to Samwise and the Killion Group for hopping on the issue and prompting me, perhaps unintentionally, to sign up for a class on the mysteries of WordPress. LOL. Penton Series

Beginning on October 17 and stretching into early December, I will be on two back-to-back blog tours for my back-to-back releases (don’t forget…BELLE CHASSE is coming too, on Nov. 8!). There will be lots of giveaways and I’m planning to turn this blog over to Jean Lafitte for a month once that tour begins, which should be….interesting, oui? Which is why I need to take a class on using WordPress. He will break the Internet, I’m pretty sure.

If you have a topic you’d like to see Jean address during his 30 or so days of blogging, post it here!

8 thoughts on “Sales–$1.99 for Penton, Wilds of the Bayou–and Lafitte Blogs?

  1. How about a movie night with DJ watching Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean? Or trip to the mall to do some Christmas shopping? I can’t wait for his blogs! My library just ordered Bell Chasse. Now I’m working on getting Wild Man’s Curse and Black Diamond too!

    • Thanks for the library plugs, Liz! Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to go shopping with Jean? Or people watching with him at Walmart. He would be fun to watch the “Pirates” movies too (although he did meet up with Monsieur Depp–or a faery lookalike–in a short story one time!

  2. If Jean goes to the mall take him to Victoria’s Secret. Never one for a loss of words he will keep us entertained for the 30 days. Looking forward to it.

  3. If Jean goes to the mall take him to Victoria’s Secret. Never one for a loss of words I’m sure he will keep us entertained for the 30 days.

  4. Oh, I like the Victoria’s Secret idea! A trip to the mall would be fun and I would love his take on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Also, what was it like to go through a hurricane when he was a pirate? I’ve been through several, but we knew they were coming, thanks to modern radar, etc. I imagine it would be scary to go through one without today’s technology.

  5. Ah….I only THOUGHT the website was fixed. It won’t let me respond to comments so I’m testing to see if it will let me comment. Sigh.

    Anyway, thanks for the ideas. Some great ones here! There was quite a system of hurricane preparedness back in Jean’s day, and it would be fun to look at that as well as shopping. Jean in Victoria’s Secret–OMG!