Worldbuilding–the Fictional Kind

The BELLE CHASSE and BLACK DIAMOND blog tours continue today, with four chances to enter for the tour prizes. Pleeeeeease, if you’ve read either book, leave a review on Amazon. You can click on the book title in this paragraph to get to the page. (And thanks to those who have posted reviews!)

There are Black Diamond spotlights at Hart’s Romance Pulse and Ramblings of a Book Nerd.

I’m at author Jill Archer’s blog today, talking about my deliberate buildup of the Sentinels of New Orleans multiverse. Check it out!

In the real world? Well, I’ll just say that i woke up this morning, after a late night, with this song running through my head in a loop.

Peace and out.

One thought on “Worldbuilding–the Fictional Kind

  1. Thanks for sharing your song. Best wishes on your blog tour. Looking forward to the next book in the Senitnel series.