A PENTON Scene Snippet Sunday, and Weekly Winners


Happy Sunday! Baby, it’s cold outside. About 20 degrees, which I realize isn’t that cold for many of you. But it will be 70 day after tomorrow, and it was 72 last week. Welcome to winter in the South, that most fickle of places for weather. One should not have a tornado warning and a winter storm warning in a three-day period.

Anyway, it’s time for scene snippet, this time from the intriguingly named PENTON5. I have been calling it ILLUMINATION for a while but am shifting ever so slightly toward TRANSFORMATION. Awfully long words for a title, but then again, so was ABSOLUTION. I’m looking at a February release—I had hoped to get it out in January but don’t think that’s going to happen. Very soon, though, and thanks for your patience!

As was the case with most of the Penton books, PENTON5 begins with a short prologue to set up the main conflict. The snippet below is the beginning of chapter one….

            Nikolas Dimitrou scanned the back room of the Free Clinic in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta. There was no easy escape route. Institutional cinderblock walls had been painted a pale blue, probably meant to soothe the clients of a place that catered to those most in need of safe haven. No windows. One door led into the narrow clinic hallway and, beyond that, at least twelve feet stretched past three doorways to reach the back exit. And the exit led to a blind alley.

            “Take his hand, Nik,” Aidan said. “Tell us what is in Mr. Rackley’s past.”

            Nik drew a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and sat in the empty chair across a small wooden table from Jerome Rackley, a human familiar. The petite blonde vampire for whom he was the regular feeder had been asked to wait outside.

            “What do you mean—in my past?” Rackley drew both hands into his lap, out of Nik’s reach. “Marianne told you everything. I’ve been her familiar for years. She only feeds from me.”

            “Then you have nothing to hide.” Aidan Murphy leaned against the wall next to the table, his arms crossed. “Let Nik take your hand.”

            Nik didn’t like it. Despite the pain it caused, he had agreed to put his special abilities to use on Aidan’s side of the vampire civil war—Penton’s side—but Aidan was damaged. Before his mate had been gravely injured, the master vampire and head of the rebellion would never have returned to a place where he’d recruited new allies for Penton before wartime. He wouldn’t have chosen a room with only one exit. He wouldn’t have stationed the human’s vampire master right outside that exit.

This is Nik’s book, but it’s also Aidan’s journey after the events of ALLEGIANCE, so get ready!

Now…did you win a book this week? If you see your name please email me at suzannej3523@gmail.com or via the contact tab on this page.

LIL won a $5 gift card for commenting on my book review of Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls.

FAITH won last week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway and selected Dead Seekers, first in a new series by Barb and J.C. Hendee. Faith, you also have the option of selecting a different book up to $15US, in any format. Just let me know!

See you tomorrow with a grisly book review!


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  1. Scene snippet Sunday, it’s been awhile. And from Penton, a grand day today. A February release sounds great to me. I’m ready.

  2. oh poor Aidan he sure was damaged even a march release would be great^^ afterall spring is synomym of change so transformaztion could work^^