Scene Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winner!

Happy Sunday! And an early Happy Memorial Day to my friends here in the U.S.

A quick housekeeping note…The Monday Reader’s Choice list will appear on Tuesday this week in recognition of the holiday. So look for it then!

So, on Sunday, instead of a full scene snippet, I’ve been instead doing a “last lines” Sunday—the last few sentences I’ve written.

This is from a scene featuring Cage and Robin, plus Glory and a new character, Archer Logan, a black jaguar shifter. (If you have read STORM FORCE, you have already met the playful kitty cat.) The scene takes place just after sundown, and the others are in a hurry for Cage to feed, although he doesn’t yet know why.

Cage frowned and looked over at Robin. “What do I not know that it’s such a bloody rush for me to feed?” He shifted his gaze to Glory. “And I can’t believe Mirren let you come.”

            Glory grinned. “He didn’t. He forbade me to leave Penton. Then he went into daysleep.”

            Despite his best efforts to maintain an air of self-pity, Cage had to return her grin. “Well, our return to Penton should be eventful.”

Hm….Mirren FORBADE Glory to do something. You can imagine how that went over, especially since she waited until he was out of commission for the day and did it anyway. Fun times ahead!

So, did you win a book last week? I am behind with mailings so if I owe you one, be patient. I’m waiting for payday!

LISA RICHARDS won last week’s giveaway and was choosing between WHERE SHADOWS RISE by Amy Laurens and RIVER OF TEETH by Sarah Gailey. Email me using the contact tab on this page and let me know what book you’d like—you can also choose another title up to USD$15.

Stay tuned for a new Reader’s Choice on Tuesday!

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  1. Well, our return to Penton should be soon. Thanks for the snippet.