Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winner!

Happy Father’s Day to our fathers and the fathers among us. I lost my dad in 2001 after a long struggle with COPD. He lived long enough to hold his first great-grandchild, which was good, but also long enough to see 9-11, which wasn’t. He was a WWII Navy veteran, was funny, liked Star Trek and McGuyver, and was an all-around good man. I was blessed.

Now….how about a scene snippet? ILLUMINATION is getting closer! I hope to have it up for preorder by July 1 and will post the link here and on FB, and am holding the newsletter until the link is available.

So…this scene is from the point of view of the heroine, Shay Underwood. She’s a new character to the series and is an old acquaintance of Nik’s from his high school days back in New Orleans…

“Shay, over here.”

She followed the sound of the voice and found Mark Calvert sitting with Nik’s techie friend, Gadget. He’d introduced himself as Garrett when she’d first met him; with his wild mane of blond hair and geek glasses, his nickname fit him better.

“Hey, Shay, you want dinner?” Glory called from behind the food counter in the corner. “Never mind, of course you do. I’ll bring it to you.”

“Have a seat.” Gadget pushed out a chair next to him with his foot. “Tell us how Nik’s doing.”

“He’s going stir crazy, especially since Mirren locked him in the subsuite. He’s fine, though. I think after tonight, he’ll be back to his own house and his usual schedule. I think Hannah has made a welcome home gift for him.”

“It’s a box for his Army Ranger pins and stuff,” Gadget said. “And it’s pink.”

If you’ve read STORM FORCE, you’ll be happy (I hope) to know that both Gadget and Archer are in Penton for this book. What happened to Nik, and why has mean old Mirren locked him in his room? Well, you have to wait and see for that. Hannah’s also in this book a bit more than in the last couple of books.

Did you win a book in this week’s Reader’s Choice? BARBED 1951 did! She picked the anthology LAWLESS LANDS: TALES FROM THE WEIRD FRONTIER. Let me know if you want print or digital, or if you’d prefer a different book altogether. You can contact me via the “contact” tab on this page.

And stay tuned tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice!

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5 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winner!

  1. Always a big fan of the Sunday Scene Snippets. We have had quite a few for Illumination in the last year, but I have forgot, is my favorite eagle shifter making an appearance? Looking forward to meeting Shay.

    • No worries, Robin is definitely there! One reason this book has taken so long is that I’m trying to make sure all the major characters get some page time and have a role to play!

  2. Thanks so much! I’ve sent my info in via your Contact tab.
    Thanks for the scene, I always enjoy them.