A Dinosaur in the Age of 4G HRD

Back in, oh about 2000, I bought a spiffy TV. At 39 inches, this JVC model was one of the biggest screens available. It was like an elephant being delivered to my house in New Orleans, and it took me and two male coworkers to get the darned thing out of the box and into the TV armoire because it weighs about 125 pounds.

Fast-forward 15 years and I’m buying a new TV as I’m singing “Goodbye, Norma Jean” to the old nag. Her colors are bleeding together and her sound is distorted. She might have another year left in her, but I want to donate her to Goodwill or the local mission so they will have to haul her heavy self to their truck and maybe someone can coax even two years from her.

So, meet the new TV. I haven’t named it yet, although I’m considering Tyrion. I’m concerned that I won’t even know how to plug it in, much less get the DVR connected..and wifi…wish me luck. My Game of Thrones binge re-watch should take on new meaning!

Are any of your electronics or appliances left over from the last century?


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4 thoughts on “A Dinosaur in the Age of 4G HRD

  1. oven who just died was 35 so the washing machine must be around 20, the pump for the citern is at least 40 tv is between 12 and 15

  2. At the beginning of the summer we trashed a floor model Zenith. It easily weighed 125 lbs. We had inherited it from hubs dad, bought in the 70’s ( the tv not his dad).