For Mercy’s Sake: A Re-Read of the Mercy Thompson Series

Happy Monday (yes, oxymoron).

One of the things I’ve been doing this year is binge-reading. It all began with a binge-read of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. Let’s just say that took a while. A long while. Then I read Kendra Eliott’s Bone Seeker series, then Harry Turtledove’s Supervolcano trilogy.

Then I decided to binge-read the rest of the year.

I moved on to Anne Bishop’s The Others series, which I reviewed here

Then I read a couple of standalones. And, finally, decided to plow through Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. I had read the first two or three and loved them, but then got busy and never kept up through what is now ten books.

I still love the series, but reading a series like this as a binge-read is interesting. You get a real sense of how the plot lines progress. Mercy and Adam’s relationship, for example, has a well-defined development and keeps growing and strengthening throughout the series.

A couple of the books felt strained to me, however, such as in Night Broken, book 8, where a volcano god shows up to do battle over Adam’s ex-wife, or in River Marked, book 6, when a deadly sea serpent shows up during Adam and Mercy’s honeymoon. I did forgive the sea serpent book, though, because one of the seemingly random characters did turn out to have legs and a role in the series. But when the novels wander away from the pack, the fae, and the vampires, they feel a little disconnected to me.

I was also shocked to learn there is a sentient fae relic, a staff, that follows Mercy around. Uh. Yeah. No, I didn’t steal that for the Sentinels series. Plus, Charlie’s sentience is limited.

Mercy, however, is one of the great urban fantasy heroines. I thought so after my initial read of those first books, and I still think so. Adam is hot alpha personified. The pack dynamics are fascinating and it was interesting to see how the roles of different pack members grew or diminished as the series progressed.

Book #11, as yet untitled, is due out in 2019.

Have you read the Mercy Thompson series? What do you like or dislike about it?

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12 thoughts on “For Mercy’s Sake: A Re-Read of the Mercy Thompson Series

  1. I love the Mercy Thompson series. I agree, some of the books are a little weak, compared to others, but that doesn’t really stick out unless you binge them. I really like the setting. Not Portland 😉

    • Yes, I love the setting too. I think the series maybe went through its original story arc and then it really took off so the story floundered for a book or two. Now it has legs again!

  2. I have really loved what I have read of the series, am not completely caught up. Loved the world building and the strong heroine, as well as, the portrayal of relationships within that world.

    • Yes, that might be one reason another Mercy book isn’t coming out until 2019. I hope she can pour her sorrow into her writing, but we all handle grief differently.

  3. It’s one of my favorite series although I have to agree that the volcano god was a bit out there. I like the walking stick though. Another good series if you haven’t read it yet is C.E. murphy’s The Walker Papers.

    • Yes, the volcano god was when I thought it felt like there was a “big bad guy” thesaurus and it randomly flipped to him. It just didn’t seem to fit into the series story.

  4. I love Mercy and Adam. I usually binge read the series just before the next new book comes out. I really like Coyote.

    • I really like Coyote, too. In the first book where he showed up (honeymoon), I was like, no, really? But then, as he became more entrenched in the series, and in Mercy’s character, I’ve really grown to like him. Talk about a wild card!

  5. I love this series and I always read 2 or 3 of the earlier books before a new one comes out to refresh myself with Mercy’s world.
    I also love the Alpha and Omega books with Charles and Anna

  6. I really love the Mercy Thompson series and the Alpha & Omega books as well. I like the relationships in the books, and Mercy’s personality. I don’t think there is anything I dislike, it’s all good to me.