Let the Binging Continue–Kate Daniels Edition

Well, the bad news about being the caregiver for a disabled Senior Adult is that it is VERY time-consuming. The good news is that the hours I spend waiting for home healthcare workers to arrive can be spent reading. So I followed up my binge-read of the Mercy Thompson series with a binge-read of the Kate Daniels series. This was my first read of Kate and Curran, with the exception of Book 1, and it was interesting to read these two popular urban fantasy-with-romance series back-to-back.

I thought they both stumbled at the same place, then both picked up steam again. The stumbling point, in both instances, was when I suspect the original story arc was completed but the series was selling well enough that author and publisher wanted to continue it. So there was a transitional book in each series that seemed to bring the series to a near stop.

I thought the authors who make up Ilona Andrews did a better job of making that transition to a new storyline better by being blatant about it. There’s an author’s note at the beginning of book seven, MAGIC BREAKS, acknowledging that the book was going to read like a finale (and it did), but that there would be more books.

So books eight and nine, MAGIC SHIFTS and MAGIC BINDS, changed direction a bit and now are inching closer to what I assume will be Kate’s eventual resolution of her relationship with her father. In MAGIC BINDS, in particular, I thought Kate showed a lot of emotional maturity that she lacked in the early books, so it gives me great hope for MAGIC TRIUMPHS, book ten, which is due out next May.

A couple of weeks ago, in my Thursday “This or That,” Adam Hauptman slightly edged out Curran Lennart as the favorite, but I must say Curran really grew on me as the series progressed. Like Adam, he is very much self-controlled…until he’s not. Both of them make a lot of concessions to their lives and their power to accommodate their mates. In terms of power, Curran could eat Adam’s lunch, but so it goes with lions, I suppose.

Anyway, it was fun to read these long series in a binge, and now I’m tackling one of my favorites, the Dresden Files series. I’m about seven books behind in the series (maybe more), so at some point it’s going to practically be a new series!

What’s your favorite of the two series (Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels)? Don’t weigh in on the heroines yet–that’s coming up in a future blog post!

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8 thoughts on “Let the Binging Continue–Kate Daniels Edition

  1. I have to go with the Mercy Thompson series since I’m still reading that one and I gave up Kate Daniels after about 5 books

  2. The Kate Daniels series is my favorite of the two. I think one of the reasons for this is the humor in the books.

  3. I like the Mercy Thompson series more (although I love both) because it somehow seems that the Kate series has dug itself into a hole that will be very difficult to get out of because of how powerful her father is. No matter how it resolves, which it has to, it will seem an unlikely resolution. Realistically, he should win, convert Julie, and steal Kate’s baby.